Winter School

How can Winter School benefit me?

You can use Winter School to:

  • finish university and start work sooner
  • spread study load more evenly through the year
  • free up more time for working during the standard semesters
  • study interesting electives.

The 2024 Winter semester runs from Tuesday 11 June to Saturday 20 July. Check the 'subject options' section of each individual subject to see exactly when your subject will be running.

Given the intensive nature of Winter School, we usually recommend that you only enrol in one subject.


Tuesday 11 June - Saturday 20 July Winter semester 2024
Monday 24 JuneWinter term Census date
Tuesday 23 July - Thursday 25 JulyExam period
Thursday 15 AugustResults released 

Winter subjects

  • You can check the subject details, teaching periods and credit points via the Handbook.
  • Subjects and subject instances may be altered at any time.
  • The number in the middle of the subject code tells you the year level of the subject (1-3 undergraduate, 4+ usually postgraduate) – choose subjects appropriate for your year level that fit within your course Study Plan.
  • Check the subject prerequisites and make sure you have met them before trying to enrol.
  • You can see the weeks listed with dates in the academic calendar.

When using the Handbook search, select from the teaching period filter. Refer to the dates above to confirm the teaching periods in Winter.

How to enrol in Winter School

You do not need to contact ASK La Trobe to request to be enrolled. You can self enrol via StudentOnLine.

Students who meet the prerequisites may enrol in Winter subjects via StudentOnLine. If you are unable to self-enrol, complete a Variation of Enrolment (under the Enrolment tab in StudentOnLine).

If the subject requires Subject Coordinator approval, please seek their approval via email and attach a screenshot of their approval to a Variation of Enrolment.

If you are already enrolled in 60 credit points for Semester 2, StudentOnLine may prevent you from enrolling due to a credit point issue. In this case, please submit a Variation of Enrolment for your enrolment to be processed manually.

Follow the information on the Single Subject Entry webpage.


If you're currently enrolled at La Trobe, Winter School subjects will form part of your normal course study costs if the subject fits within your course structure. If you apply using the single unit studies application form, higher fees will apply.

For those thinking about taking a subject as a non-award subject, fee information is available online using our fee calculator. Note, the cost of the subjects vary between discipline bands.

Students auditing the subject (meaning that no assessments are done and the subject is not counted towards your degree) are not required to pay fees at the same level as those who take assessments – fees vary – and you should contact ASK La Trobe for more information.