Arrange temporary accommodation

You may need to organise temporary accommodation if you need somewhere to stay while searching for permanent housing, or if you cannot move into your confirmed accommodation immediately on arrival. It is your responsibility to arrange temporary accommodation. Here are some suggestions for you to consider.

On-campus temporary accommodation

If you are still looking for temporary accommodation, there are some vacancies for on-campus accommodation where you can stay temporarily.

For more information on availability and prices, please visit our accommodation pages or contact

To make a reservation, please contact with your student's name, student ID number, date of birth, your overseas address, date and time of arrival. Credit card payment prior to arrival is required.

Off-campus accommodation

To find temporary accommodation in Melbourne and regional campuses, you can use the following websites to help you find temporary accommodations.

When looking for temporary accommodation, you may want to stay close to your campus. You can use WhereIs or Google Maps to locate the accommodation before making a booking.

For further information to help you choose the right option for you once you arrive in Australia, visit our accommodation pages.