How to defer your offer

Before you apply to defer

Be aware that courses are under continual review. If you apply to defer, your course may be revised, discontinued or cease to be accredited during your deferment. If this happens, we'll make every attempt to provide the original program. If this isn't possible, we reserve the right to offer you a place in an equivalent or near-equivalent course. For some science courses, your progress may be delayed if you commence your course mid-year, depending on the areas you wish to study. This will need to be discussed with your Course Coordinator.

Graduate research candidates: deferral may affect the availability of academic supervision and any scholarships awarded. This may need to be approved by the Board of Graduate Research.

Stand-Alone 1 year Honours Programs: Can be deferred, however you need to advise the Honours Coordinators before deferring to ensure that your supervision arrangements can be accommodated upon your return.

Who can defer?

Subject to your College's deferment rules, you can defer if:

  • you haven't started your course or completed a subject
  • the census date for the subject/s you're enrolled in hasn't passed
  • you're not a recipient of a Postgraduate Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP). Exceptions are Master of Teaching which can be deferred.

Our student FAQs can assist you to identify the difference between deferral and leave of absence.

Can my course be deferred?

Most La trobe courses can be deferred.
Please refer to the table below to see if your course can not be deferred. Courses can normally be deferred until the next available intake. If there is no midyear intake you must defer until the following year.

  • Single-subject enrolments and Cross-Institutional study: deferral not available, applicants will need to reapply.
  • If you have transferred courses and need to take leave from your studies, you can apply for a Leave of Absence (not a deferral)

Applications for deferral must be submitted by the Census date of your course. Late applications will not to be processed.

These course are not available  for deferral and you will need to reapply for the next available intake if you do not accept your offer.

SBMMBBachelor of Biomedical Science (Medical)Bendigo Postgraduate CSP except Master of Teaching 
SBMMWBachelor of Biomedical Science (Medical)Albury-WodongaHC001BVGraduate Certificate in Family Therapy: First NationsBouverie
HHDSBBachelor of Dental Science (Honours)BendigoRCHEGraduate Certificate in Higher Education Curriculum, Teaching and LearningOn-Line
HBFNBachelor of Food and NutritionOn-LineAG002BGraduate Diploma in PlanningBendigo
HBNBachelor of Nursing (Accelerated)MelbourneAG001Graduate Diploma of ArchaeologyMelbourne
HBNENBachelor of Nursing (Enrolled Nurse)MelbourneSMCPMaster of Clinical PsychologyMelbourne
HBNENBBachelor of Nursing (Enrolled Nurse)BendigoTM001BMaster of EngineeringBendigo
HBNENFBachelor of Nursing (Enrolled Nurse)FrankstonHMEPBMaster of Exercise PhysiologyBendigo
HBNENKBachelor of Nursing (Enrolled Nurse)BerwickHMMSPCMaster of Musculoskeletal PhysiotherapyMelbourne
HBNENMBachelor of Nursing (Enrolled Nurse)MilduraHMOTHMaster of Occupational TherapyMelbourne
HBNENSBachelor of Nursing (Enrolled Nurse)SheppartonHMPYPMaster of Physiotherapy PracticeMelbourne
HBNENWBachelor of Nursing (Enrolled Nurse)Albury-WodongaHMPYPBMaster of Physiotherapy PracticeBendigo
HBNGEBachelor of Nursing (Graduate Entry)MelbourneHM012Master of Social WorkMelbourne
HBNGEBBachelor of Nursing (Graduate Entry)BendigoHMSPMaster of Speech PathologyMelbourne
HBNGEMBachelor of Nursing (Graduate Entry)MilduraHM006Master of Sports and Exercise PhysiotherapyMelbourne
HBNGESBachelor of Nursing (Graduate Entry)SheppartonHM007Master of Strength and ConditioningMelbourne
HBNGEWBachelor of Nursing (Graduate Entry)Albury-WodongaHM009Master of DieteticsMelbourne
LDITHMDiploma of International Tourism and Hospitality ManagementMelbourne   
ETTPOTertiary Preparation Program   

SB002Bachelor of AgricultureMelbourneLCBANGraduate Certificate in Business AnalyticsCity Campus
SB002WBachelor of AgricultureAlbury-WodongaHCFTGraduate Certificate in Family TherapyBouverie
SBAVBBachelor of Animal and Veterinary BiosciencesMelbourneHCFTOGraduate Certificate in Family TherapyOn-Line
SBAVWBachelor of Animal and Veterinary BiosciencesAlbury-WodongaRCHEGraduate Certificate in Higher Education Curriculum, Teaching and LearningOn-Line
SHBISBachelor of Biological Sciences with HonoursMelbourneHGCFCNGraduate Diploma in Child, Family and Community NursingMelbourne
SBMDBachelor of BiomedicineMelbourneHGMWGraduate Diploma in MidwiferyMelbourne

Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Psychological Science

MelbourneHGMWBGraduate Diploma in Midwifery
LBCRBBachelor of CriminologyBendigoLMJDJuris DoctorCity Campus
LZCPYBBachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Psychological ScienceBendigo   
SZCYCBachelor of Cybersecurity/Bachelor of CommerceMelbourneHMARTMaster of Art TherapyMelbourne
SZCYCRBachelor of Cybersecurity/Bachelor of CriminologyMelbourneHMAUDMaster of Clinical AudiologyMelbourne
SZCYPSBachelor of Cybersecurity/Bachelor of Psychological ScienceMelbourneHM003OMaster of Clinical Family TherapyOn-Line
HB001Bachelor of Health Information ManagementMelbourneHMCFTHMaster of Clinical Family TherapyBouverie
HB001OBachelor of Health Information ManagementOn-LineSMCPMaster of Clinical PsychologyMelbourne
HBHSBachelor of Health SciencesMelbourneHM014OMaster of Professional PsychologyOnline
HBHSBBachelor of Health SciencesBendigoHMSABUMaster of Sport AnalyticsMelbourne
HHHSBBachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)Bendigo   
HHHSCBachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)Melbourne   
HHHNBachelor of Human Nutrition with HonoursMelbourne   
LBITHMBachelor of International Tourism and Hospitality ManagementMelbourne   
LH001BBachelor of Laws (Honours)Bendigo   
LH002BBachelor of Laws (Honours) (Graduate Entry)Bendigo   
LZ009BBachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of ArtsBendigo   
LZ006BBachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of BusinessBendigo   
LZ001BBachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of CriminologyBendigo   
LZ002BBachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Psychological ScienceBendigo   
LZ008BBachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of ScienceBendigo   
HBNMBachelor of Nursing (Pre -Registration)Mildura   
HBNPRWBachelor of Nursing ( Pre-Registration)Albury-Wodonga   
HBNUPBachelor of Nursing ( Pre-Registration)Shepparton   
RBNBachelor of Nursing ( Pre-Registration)Bendigo   
HBNBachelor of Nursing ( Pre-Registration)Melbourne   
HZNMDBachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of MidwiferyMelbourne   
HZNMDBBachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of MidwiferyBendigo   
HZNPSBachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Psychological ScienceMelbourne   
HBNTSBachelor of Nutrition ScienceMelbourne   
HHOCTBachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours)Melbourne   
HHOCTBBachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours)Bendigo   
HBOHSBBachelor of Oral Health ScienceBendigo   
HHORBachelor of Orthoptics (Honours)Melbourne   
EB001BBachelor of Outdoor and Sustainability EducationBendigo   
HHPPBBachelor of Paramedic Practice with HonoursBendigo   
HHPPWBachelor of Paramedic Practice with HonoursAlbury-Wodonga   
SHPBBachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)Bendigo   
HHPBachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)Melbourne   
HHPBBachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)Bendigo   
HHPODBachelor of Podiatry (Honours)Melbourne   
HHPROBachelor of Prosthetics and Orthotics (Honours)Melbourne   
SHPSBachelor of Psychological Science with HonoursMelbourne   
SHPSBBachelor of Psychological Science with HonoursBendigo   
SHPSOBachelor of Psychological Science with HonoursOn-Line   
SHPSWBachelor of Psychological Science with HonoursAlbury-Wodonga   
SHPBachelor of Psychology (Honours)Melbourne   
SHPOBachelor of Psychology (Honours)On-Line   
SHPYBBachelor of Psychology (Honours)Bendigo   
SHPYWBachelor of Psychology (Honours)Albury-Wodonga   
HHSPPBachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours)Melbourne   
HHSPPBBachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours)Bendigo   
HBSESBachelor of Sport and Exercise ScienceMelbourne   
HHSESBachelor of Sport and Exercise Science (Honours)Melbourne   
HBSCDBachelor of Sport Coaching and DevelopmentMelbourne   
HHSCDBachelor of Sport Coaching and Development (Honours)Melbourne   
SBVNBachelor of Veterinary NursingEpping (Melbourne Polytechnic)   
SB001Bachelor of Wildlife and Conservation BiologyMelbourne   
HDHDiploma in HealthMelbourne   
LDITHMDiploma of International Tourism and Hospitality ManagementMelbourne   
HD004BDiploma of Rural HealthBendigo   
HD004MDiploma of Rural HealthMildura   
HD004SDiploma of Rural HealthShepparton   
HD004WDiploma of Rural HealthAlbury-Wodonga   
ED002Diploma in Health ScienceMelbourne   
SHARSBachelor of Agricultural Sciences with Honours MelbourneMelbourne   
SBBISWBachelor of Biological Sciences Albury-WodongaAlbury-Wodonga   
SHBISWBachelor of Biological Sciences with Honours Albury-WodongaAlbury-Wodonga   
SBMW Bachelor of Biomedical Science Albury-WodongaAlbury-Wodonga   
SHMDBachelor of Biomedicine (Honours) MelbourneMelbourne   
SHCSBachelor of Computer Science with Honours MelbourneMelbourne   
HBFNBachelor of Food and Nutrition On-LineOn-Line   
SHINT Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) MelbourneMelbourne   
SHSWBachelor of Science (Honours) Albury-WodongaAlbury-Wodonga   
SHSBBachelor of Science (Honours) BendigoBendigo   
SHSBachelor of Science (Honours) MelbourneMelbourne   
HHSWBachelor of Social Work (Honours) MelbourneMelbourne  

Offers for Term intakes

  • Offers made for Term 5, Term 6 and Summer, can not be deferred to Term 1 or Term 2.
  • Offers made for Term 1 or Term 2 can not be deferred to Term 3

How to defer

Can I extend my deferral?

A 6 month deferral can normally be extended to 12 months. If you are unable to commence your studies after 12 months, you will need to reapply for your course.