Student charter

As a La Trobe coursework student, you have a number of rights and responsibilities. They are governed by La Trobe statutes and regulations, as well as policies and procedures. We've included links to relevant documents on each page, so you can read the full details.

Make sure you read the Charter of Student Rights and Responsibilities. It's a brief summary of your rights, responsibilities and what you can seek representation on. It was developed in consultation with students.

Graduate research students

Refer to the Graduate Research School (GRS) for information that's specific to you.

La Trobe Customer Service Charter

To help focus our efforts on improving services across the University, we have launched the La Trobe Customer Service Charter. The Charter defines our customers as students, staff, community, partners and visitors, and provides 14 customer service principles to help staff to work together in providing excellent service when dealing with students, staff and other customers.

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