Change enrolment

You can make changes to your subjects right up until census date each semester.

You can enrol into subjects until the end of week 1 for a Term, or the end of week 2 for a Semester. You can withdraw from subjects right up until census date. To do this, log in to StudentOnLine and go to the 'My Study' tile.

From here you can:

  • withdraw from a subject
  • add a new subject (within the first week of a Term or the first two weeks of a Semester)
  • change the teaching period of a subject (if available within the first week of a Term or the first two weeks of a Semester).

Please ensure that you've completed all outstanding tasks in the 'My Tasks' tile before you enrol. If you have any tasks that are still required, you may not be able to complete your enrolment.

Subjects must be scheduled to a study period to display prerequisites correctly.

It can take up to 24 hours after you have confirmed your enrolment in a subject, before you can allocate yourself to timetable activities in Allocate+.

For help enrolling via StudentOnLine, watch this video tutorial or follow the steps in our Steps to enrolment/re-enrolment in StudentOnLine FAQ.

For help withdrawing from a subject, watch this video tutorial.

If you can't enrol via StudentOnLine, please visit the 'Can't enrol in StudentOnLine' FAQ. If you're still experiencing difficulties, please contact ASK La Trobe and they can help you to submit an enrolment assistance form if required.

Enrolment assistance forms

An enrolment assistance form is used when you are still unable to enrol in a subject, after following the steps outlined in the previous section.

There are two different enrolment assistance forms:

Based on your circumstance, you will submit one of these forms. Use the table below to determine which form you require.

Use this table to determine which enrolment assistance form you require.

Variation Request - Exceptions (VRE)

Variation Request – Structure Amendment (VRSA)

The subject has prerequisites and conditions that you haven't met*

Request to change a major/minor

Final subject enrolment date has passed and you have extenuating, compassionate or compelling grounds to enrol late

Request to add a subject that is not on the list of your study plan

Subject has reached its quota

Request a complex change or subject replacement as agreed with Course Coordinator

There appears to be a system error preventing StudentOnLine self-enrolment*

Alteration to credit points or Combine structure lines

The subject or course coordinator has requested this variation submission

Apply for an advanced major with special requirements

Manual enrolment due to mismatch of course location and subject location e.g. Online, on-line

Request to overload in study period or year (exceed study period credit point cap)


Apply to complete an additional subject that may overload permitted credit points of your course


Accidentally withdrew from subject and requesting to be re-enrolled


Start date of subject commences before course start date

*For subject prerequisites to display correctly, subjects must be scheduled to a teaching period. Check that your subject is correctly scheduled before submitting a VRE.

If you are unsure which enrolment assistance form to submit, please contact ASK La Trobe.

Withdrawing from a subject

You cannot withdraw from a subject once the teaching period in which it is being taught has ended.

  • If you change your mind about a subject and decide to withdraw, you can access the StudentOnLine portal and click on the My Study tile. Go to the side menu and select Withdraw from a Subject. You will see all subjects you are enrolled in.
  • Select the subject you want to withdraw from, tick the box & select Confirm.
  • Select your reason for withdrawing and then click OK.
  • You will see a notification that you have successfully withdrawn from the subject.

Please note if the subject’s census date has passed the date will show as red on the withdrawal page. This is to alert to you of the financial and academic responsibility you will have if you decide to withdraw.

More information for this is available on the FAQ: Withdrawing from a subject after census date.

If this was an elective subject, you will need to go back to Manage my Course and remove the scheduled subject by selecting the Remove button. You will then be able to make a new selection.

Helpful information

For information on how to enrol via StudentOnLine, follow the steps in our Steps to enrolment/re-enrolment in StudentOnLine FAQ.

Studying more than four subjects (60 credit points) per semester is called overloading. Overloading is not available in most courses because classes and assessments are scheduled around students taking the standard number of subjects.

If you would like to study additional subjects to fast-track your course you may be interested in Summer or Winter school

If you are still interested in overloading ask a question and we will confirm if overloading is possible in your course.

Please note, the maximum enrolment for Summer 2 and Summer 3 is two subjects (30 credit points) and for Winter Semester one subject (15 credit points).

Late enrolments disadvantage students as significant content may have been missed. It is not possible to enrol after the second week of a Semester or week one of a Term.

If you believe you have extenuating, compassionate or compelling grounds to be allowed to enrol late you must request that the Subject Coordinator provide approval in writing. The Subject Coordinator must also have approval from the Associate Dean Learning and Teaching.

For further information, see the Changing your subjects/enrolment FAQ.

If you withdraw from a subject after one third of the teaching period has passed, you will have a Withdrawn grade recorded against the subject.

If you withdraw from a subject on or before the census date, the subject will be deleted and you will not incur a financial penalty.

'Withdrawn' signifies that you have withdrawn without failing the subject(s), incurring a financial penalty.

If you withdraw from a subject after two thirds of the teaching period has passed, you will have a KN grade recorded against the subject.

'KN' signifies that you have withdrawn from and failed the subject(s), thus incurring a financial penalty.

Each subject costs a certain amount of money. If you withdraw from a subject after census date, you still have to pay the course fee. You can apply for a refund or remission of debt if your withdrawal was due to exceptional circumstances.

If you receive benefits you must notify Centrelink within seven days of changes to your enrolment. To confirm, check with Centrelink.

International students holding a student visa are reminded that Condition 8202 relates to a student visa holder's enrolment and completion within the time of their Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and maintaining academic progress.

As required under Section 19 of the ESOS Act 2000 and Standard 8 of The National Code 2018, La Trobe University must monitor the workload of students to ensure they complete the course within the duration specified in their CoE and do not exceed the allowable portion of online or distance learning. Therefore, students are required to be enrolled on a full time basis at all times*, except where the College has approved an under enrolment.

Further advice is available from ASK La Trobe.

*Please note: International students must also be enrolled in at least one face-to-face subject each compulsory teaching period and no more than One Third of a student's total enrolment can be composed of Online or Distance Education Subjects.

To transfer to a new course, you need to be enrolled in your current course, then submit your transfer application. View the Course Transfer page for detailed information and specific course transfer procedures.