Course transfer

Course transfers will only be assessed after the official release of results.

Application deadlines

Health Sciences courses:

  • Open - 8 October 2018
  • Close - 11 November 2018

Applications for Health Sciences courses are now closed (except for Bachelor of Health Sciences HBHS/HBHSB).

Applications for Health Science in Dentistry/Master of Dentistry (HZHSDD) are open until 2 December 2018. Late applications will not be accepted.

All other courses:

  • Open - 8 October 2018
  • Close - 2 December 2018 (timely applications)
  • Close - 24 February 2019 (late applications)

Information we consider when evaluating transfer requests

  • Entrance requirements for the new course
  • Academic performance to date
  • Length of time in current course
  • Rationale for requesting transfer
  • Places available in the course into which you wish to transfer

Course-specific requirements

How to apply

Complete the online Course transfer application, and attach any required supporting documentation. Also note the additional requirements for law and health sciences courses.

Potential fee changes

Note that transferring to a different course may result higher / lower fees depending on the fee band or the length of the course.

Study at another university

If you want to study at another university, you will need to contact that university directly.

Once you have confirmed a place at another university, please make sure that you formally discontinue your enrolment by the relevant census date. Please complete  the Discontinuation of Enrolment form [PDF 2MB] and submit online via the Ask a Question page or your local student administration office for regional campuses.