Grades and Results

Results are officially released at the end of each Semester or Term.

You can view your results in StudentOnLine by either:

  • Checking your 'Academic History' in 'My Study', or
  • Checking your 'Subject and results details' in the 'My Studies Summary'

In some cases, results may become visible earlier than the release date. If you check your results early and do not see all your results, please be patient; your results will be released by the published results release date.

Note that results are subject to change prior to release and your results may be amended after initial release, especially in the case of withheld or missing results.

See also our FAQs on:

2023 Results release dates

Teaching PeriodResults released from
Summer 2022/2023Thursday 9 March 2023
Term 1, 2023Thursday 16 March 2023
Term 2, 2023Thursday 4 May 2023
Term 3, 2023Thursday 29 June 2023
Semester 1, 2023Wednesday 12 July 2023
Winter, 2023Thursday 17 August 2023
Term 4, 2023Thursday 5 October 2023
Term 5, 2023Thursday 16 November 2023
Semester 2, 2023Wednesday 29 November 2023
Term 6, 2023Thursday 18 January 2024
Summer, 2023Thursday 14 March 2024

Teaching PeriodResults released from
Term 1, 2023Thursday 25 May 2023
Term 2, 2023Thursday 14 September 2023
Term 3, 2023Thursday 18 January 2024

Review and re-marking of assessment tasks

If you have any queries or concerns about the result of an assessment task worth 20% or more of the final result for your subject, you may request a review of your marks.

Requests must be made within 10 working days of receiving the result for your task.

See Part B of the Assessment Procedure – Validation and Moderation.