View our range of licensed and free software options below.

Download via La Trobe OnTheHub

You can download the following applications via La Trobe OnTheHub (Kivuto webstore).

La Trobe Licensed Software

  • AutoDesk
  • ChemOffice/ChemSketch
  • EndNote
  • LabView
  • Microsoft Azure Dev Tools
  • Microsoft Imagine Academy
  • NVivo
  • Office365
  • Origin Pro
  • Windows 10
  • Zoom

Free Software

  • Adobe Reader
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Office 365 Pro Plus
  • VLC PLayer

Direct Download Software

The following La Trobe licensed software is available via direct download


Predicts static strength requirements for tasks such as lifts, presses, pushes, and pulls.

EEPP (Energy Expenditure Prediction Program)

Estimates energy expenditure rates for materials handling tasks to help assure worker safety and health.

SAS Enterprise Miner

SAS Enterprise Miner is a Data Mining application