Alternative exam arrangements

Alternative Exam Arrangements (AEA) are adjustments to scheduled assessment conditions granted to eligible students.

Alternative assessments take place during the set assessment period. They do not run once the assessment period has concluded.

Alternative exam arrangements could include but not limited to additional writing or reading time, rest breaks, or being seated in a room away from other students.

How to register

Ongoing medical reasons

If you have a temporary or permanent medical issue that you are aware of prior to an assessment task, please contact the AccessAbility Hub.

Requests must be organised a minimum of 3 weeks before the exam period starts. If possible, contact the AccessAbility Hub at the beginning of the semester.

You do not need to submit an AEA request to Customer Care.

Some non-medical reasons

You can apply for an alternate exam arrangement (AEA) if you have unexpectedly been called up for:

  • Armed Services duty
  • Emergency Services employee/volunteer
  • Religious event or sacred holy day
  • Cross-institutional assessment clash
  • Practical or Clinical Placements

If you cannot attend your scheduled assessment for any of these reasons, please submit an alternative assessment arrangement form as soon as possible (minimum 2 weeks prior to the start of the assessment period).

Please note the deadline to submit an alternative assessment arrangement has now passed. Please contact your subject coordinator for assistance.

Availability for Centrally Scheduled Assessments

The University advises all students to make themselves available for the duration of all official assessment periods. Holidays, travel plans and weddings are not valid reasons to request alternative assessment times.

Supplementary/Special Examination

You will be allowed to sit a supplementary exam in the next Supplementary Hurdle/Special Examination period if you have been awarded an SPE (Special exam) or SAHE (Supplementary additional hurdle exam) grade

The timetable will be published 2 weeks prior to the assessment period along with a confirmation email to your student email account.

Any attempted exam will not be marked and only the results from the special exam will count.