Important dates

The 2019 University Timetable is now available. Use the 2019 timetable to help you re-enrol for this year!

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Semester 1, 2019

Allocate+ Preference Entry mode closes for sorting5pm, Thursday 31 January

Allocate+ Allocation Adjustment mode opens (first-in-first-served) for subjects from the following schools at staggered dates and times:

Thursday 7 February

  • School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HUSS)
  • School of Education (SOE)


  • La Trobe Business School (LBS)
  • La Trobe Law School (LLS)


Friday 8 February

  • La Trobe Learning and Teaching (LTLT)
  • SHE (PVC)
  • La Trobe Rural Health School (LRHS)
  • School of Allied Health (SAH)
  • School of Life Sciences (SLS)
  • 1st Year School of Nursing and   Midwifery (SNM)
  • School of Psychology and Public Health (SPPH)


  • La Trobe Institute of Molecular Sciences (LIMS)
  • School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences  (SEMS)


Monday 18 March

  • Allocate+ Allocation Adjustment mode closes


Winter, 2019

Allocate+ Allocation Adjustment opens (first-in-first-served)TBC

*Timetables are subject to change throughout the year.