Academic transcripts

Academic transcripts

An academic transcript is an official record of all your studies at La Trobe University. It includes:

  • all subjects you have studied in all courses (passed and failed) at La Trobe University
  • any credit that you were given
  • proof of your enrolment information at any time it is requested.

After you complete your course, we mail you one free academic transcript - to the postal address you provided in StudentOnLine. This happens automatically within six - eight weeks of finishing your course. You do not need to apply.

You will not receive your academic transcript if you owe money to the University.

Transcripts and the official release of results

Hard copy transcripts

If need a transcript once 2018 results are released, you must place your order by Wednesday 6 December 2018. Choose 'production held until Semester 2 results are released' when completing your order.

Digital transcripts

If you are completing your course in 2018, you do not need to order a digital transcript as you will receive a complimentary one after you complete.

If you are not completing your course but need a digital transcript once 2018 results are released, you must place your order by Wednesday 6 December 2018. Choose 'production held until Semester 2 results are released' when completing your order.

How to order

  1. You can order your academic transcript online
    Your order will be processed within 15 University working days. This does not guarantee it will be delivered in 15 University working days.
  2. Order your academic transcript online

  3. You can also order a digital copy of your academic transcript using My eQuals
    All digital transcript orders will be sent within five University working days
  4. Order your digital academic transcript online

Delivery methods and collection time

Select your delivery method at the top of the order page. If you don't choose a method your document will be available for collection at your campus Help Zone or Student admin office. If you don't collect the document within 30 days it will be securely destroyed.

Note that current students will be contacted via their La Trobe student email address. Personal email addresses will only be used for former students.

Need a transcript straight away?

You can also purchase an academic transcript and collect it on the spot by visiting the ASK La Trobe Help Zone or Student Administration Office on campus.

If you need to nominate someone to purchase a transcript on your behalf, complete the Proxy and consent form. Your proxy must show photo ID when purchasing the academic transcript.


Academic transcript charges
One business day$42.00
15 University working days$25.00
Extra copy$6.00
Postage charges
Regular postFree
Express post – within Australia$6.00
Registered courier – Asia–Pacific$30.00
Registered courier – Canada and North America$30.00
Registered courier – Mexico and South America$66.00
Registered courier – Europe$45.00
Registered courier – Middle East$66.00

Information not on academic transcript

If your transcript does not contain the information you need, you can request an enrolment confirmation or course completion letter.

Applying for scholarships and course transfers

You do not need a La Trobe University transcript if you have been studying here and are applying for a:

  • La Trobe University Scholarship
  • transfer to another La Trobe University course.

You may need to provide results from other academic institutions.

World Education Services (WES)

If you are ordering an academic transcript for release to World Education Services (WES), you will need to send us your completed WES form, then order your academic transcript online. Submit your WES form to ASK La Trobe, take note of the incident reference number, then order your academic transcript and include the incident number in the 'additional instructions' field. We will then complete your WES request form and send your academic transcript directly to WES.