Leave of absence (Intermission)

You can apply for a Leave of Absence (up to 12 months depending on the circumstances) if you're experiencing significant difficulties in your personal or academic life – financial, emotional, medical, employment or study related.

Before taking a Leave of Absence

Discuss your plans with:

Note that taking leave may impact your course in the following ways:

  • Study plan and subject selection
    If you miss prerequisite or core subjects may need to wait until the following semester or year for them to be available again, which may cause delays in completing co-requisite subjects.
  • Maximum length of time to complete a course
    There is a maximum length of time allowed to complete most courses - usually twice the standard course length, plus one year. If leave or part-time study puts you beyond the maximum timeframe you may not be eligible to complete your course.

If you have transferred courses, you must apply for a Leave of Absence (not a deferral) to take leave from your studies.

You should also familiarise yourself with the policies and procedures about taking a Leave of Absence:

Apply for a Leave of Absence

Complete the online Leave of Absence form.

International student visa holders should first read: Withdrawal and leave of absence for International students.

Graduate research students

Higher Degree by Research students must have the support of their supervisor to apply for a Leave of Absence. Find out more about changes to your candidature.