Academic Integrity Module (AIM)

hand with pen and booksWhat is it?

The AIM will introduce you to La Trobe's values and its academic integrity standards so you are informed about how to avoid plagiarism and academic misconduct. You will complete 4 parts which have a number of academic misconduct cases, that require you to make decisions and choose pathways. These scenarios provide you with some insight into likely consequences of academic misconduct and academic integrity decisions. You will do 5 quizzes.

How do you enrol in it?

If you are a commencing undergraduate or postgraduate coursework student you will see AIM in your Study Plan and you will need to enrol in it like any other subject. You will be expected to complete the AIM as part of your course requirements. It is best to do it as soon as possible - you are expected to have it completed by the end of the first week of your first teaching period.

Where can you find it?

You will find the AIM in your Learning Management System (LMS), along with the other subjects you are enrolled in. Look for the subject code: LTU0AIM.

How can you pass the AIM?

There are no credit points for the AIM, but you must successfully complete it by getting a 90% result. Your successful or unsuccessful completion will be recorded on your Academic Record. You can repeat the AIM as many times as needed until you successfully complete it.

Where can I get help?

Find more detailed questions and answers about completing AIM via the ASK La Trobe FAQ website.