Advanced Standing

Credit for prior study

Advanced Standing or credit is the recognition of previous study or learning that can be counted towards a qualification. This can reduce the number of subjects required to complete your course.

Different types of study are assessed for equivalency including credential studies and informal (non-credentialed learning).

Credit towards a La Trobe University course is granted as follows:

  1. for a block component of a course (for example, a completed VET diploma may entitle the holder to exemption from the first year of a La Trobe three year degree course)
  2. for specific La Trobe University subjects (if there is a direct correlation between the prior learning and the La Trobe subject) or unspecified subjects (if there is no direct correlation, unspecified credit may be granted towards elective requirements of a La Trobe course).

Applying for advanced standing

You can apply to have specific subjects credited toward your current course (i.e. core subjects, list subjects, any other subject that you would like to appear on your transcript ). Please refer to the University Handbook and the Subject Search Database when looking for equivalent subjects

You can also apply to have unspecified credit applied to your course (i.e. electives that will appear as 'UNSPECIFIED CREDIT' on your transcript). To apply with the year level and elective type specified (e.g. '1st year humanities elective')

Apply for advanced standing

Supporting documentation

If you studied at a University other than La Trobe, and are seeking advanced standing, you must provide all the following documents relating to your previous course or learning:

  • academic transcripts
  • explanation of what the results mean (usually with the transcript)
  • details of the course structure and credit points ( from the Handbook)
  • detailed subject descriptions and related information such as assessment tasks from your past tertiary studies

For Informal or non-credential learning you need to demonstrate your competence through an appropriate form of assessment. Please submit appropriate evidence such as certified copies of statements from employers, present a portfolio or curriculum vitae. Assessment will be made by the course coordinate who may request you attend an interview.

When to submit your application

Fully completed applications for advanced standing must be submitted either as part of your course application process or within three business days of receiving your offer into the course. Timely submission of your advanced standing application will give you an opportunity to amend your enrolment based on the outcome of your advanced standing application for the current semester.

Partner institutions 

If you are studying through a partner institution, e.g. OUA or Didasko, you won't be able to apply for advanced standing until you receive your La Trobe credentials (which may take longer than three business days from receiving your offer).

Where to submit your application

Your online application will be automatically submitted.

Late submissions of Advanced Standing

Advanced standing applications received after the due date may not be processed until the next available semester.

International Students

International Student Visa Holder
  • You must confirm acceptance of the Advanced Standing (credit) within 5 business days
  • If your course length reduces as a result of the credit, La Trobe International will issue a new Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)
  • You are required to contact the Department of Home Affairs
US Financial Aid or Sponsored student
  • You need to seek approval from your sponsor
Permanent Residency or Post Study Work Rights
  • It is your responsibility to check these requirements before accepting advanced standing (credit)

Advanced standing outcomes and notification

We’ll notify you via email to let you know if your credit has been approved. While waiting for your advanced standing outcome, you must continue to attend classes for all of your subjects.

If your application for advanced standing is approved, the effective date will be the application date. We will assess your application as soon as possible.

The credit you receive will be towards a specific La Trobe course. If you want to transfer to a different course you need to apply to transfer your course and to have your advanced standing reassessed.

How much credit you can expect

The application of advanced standing is consistent with the requirements of the Australian Qualifications Framework for the award of a qualification. The amount of credit you receive depends on:

  • the level of tertiary study you have previously completed
  • how many units you completed
  • the similarity or relevance of your previous tertiary study to your La Trobe course

The University will designate courses where there is only admission into Year 1 of the course. In these cases, there is limited advanced standing. See list of limited entry courses.

Please note that there is no advanced standing in the Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Medical).


You can view the Advanced standing policy in our Policy Library.

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