Academic Integrity

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What is Academic Integrity?

The University and wider academic community is built on shared values and norms of behaviour, including honesty, fairness and responsibility. Academic integrity means putting those values into practice by being honest in the academic work you do at university, being fair to others, and taking responsibility for learning, and following the conventions of scholarship.  It is the University's responsibility to award credit for honestly conducted work, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you demonstrate academic integrity.

You can demonstrate academic integrity by:

  • using information appropriately, according to copyright and privacy laws
  • acknowledging where the information you use comes from
  • not presenting other people's work as your own
  • conducting research ethically, in line with relevant legislation and the University's policies and procedures
    reporting truthfully on your research
  • acting in an ethical manner in all your academic endeavours

Types of academic misconduct include plagiarism (copying other people’s work without proper acknowledgement), collusion (working together on an assessment task that is supposed to be completed individually), and cheating.

Visit Achieve@Uni for more detailed information about academic misconduct and how to avoid it.

Academic Integrity Module (AIM)

The Academic Integrity Module is compulsory for all La Trobe students. It is designed to help you to understand why academic integrity is important and how to avoid academic misconduct.

Acknowledgement and referencing help

The right ways to reference your sources.

Help for academic misconduct

What to do if you’re called to the College Academic Misconduct Committee (CAMC).

Penalties for academic misconduct

There are serious penalties for Academic Misconduct.

Academic integrity for higher degree by research candidates

Information and resources about academic integrity for higher degree by research students (PhD and Masters by Research).