Reset password

What is the Password Reset Tool?

Once you have registered, the Self Service Password Reset tool allows you to reset your La Trobe student password from a web browser. This can also be used if your password has expired by clicking on the Forgot My Password link.

We strongly recommend you restart your computer after changing your password.

When resetting your password, you must enter your username using the format

If this does not work for you please contact Student IT Support to complete a password reset for you.

How to change my known password?

If you know what your existing password is, you can change your password via one of the following options:

  • The "Portal" method

  • Available on any computer that has internet access.

  • The "Control-Alt-Delete" method

  • Available on any University owned computer that is with either a La Trobe staff or student account and the computer is connected to La Trobe University's network.