Summer School

How can Summer School benefit students?

You can use Summer School to:

  • make up for a subject that you failed (where offered)
  • complete a subject that you may have dropped previously (where offered)
  • finish university and start a career sooner
  • spread out workload to a more convenient time
  • free up more time for working during the standard semester
  • study a subject that could be an elective in your course.

Please note: Always double check the Subject Search Database to ensure that your chosen Summer subject is running. Subjects instances may change at any time, without warning.

Study options:

Teaching periodDates
Summer 1 (2017/2018) (12 weeks)30 October 2017 - 9 February 2018
Summer 2 (6 weeks)2 January - 9 February 2018
Summer 3 (2 weeks)29 January - 9 February 2018

How to enrol in summer school:

Current students who meet the prerequisites may enrol in summer subjects via student-Online. If the subject requires Subject Coordinator approval, a Variation of Enrolment form should be completed and signed by the Subject Coordinator. This may be presented to your course administrator who will enrol you in the subject.

Non-La Trobe students may also enrol into summer subjects by completing an Application for Single Unit Enrolment form. Applicants should speak to the subject owning College to discuss single unit application closing dates and supporting document requirements. Successful applicants will be enrolled directly into the subject.


If you're currently enrolled at La Trobe, Summer School subjects will form part of your normal course study costs. Subjects must count towards your course structure and be checked with your course coordinator or you must apply using the single unit studies application form, where higher fees will apply.

For those thinking about taking a subject as a non-award subject, fee information is available online using our fee calculator. Note, the cost of the subjects vary between discipline bands.

Summer School subjects

College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

2017, Week 44 - 47BUA5MSTMBA study tourCity
2017, Week 45 - 51LAW5CYBCyber lawCity
2017, Week 46 - 47BUA5ENPEntrepreneurshipBendigo
2017, Week 46 - 50ACC3AWPAccounting work modellingtBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Week 46 - 50BUA5BAMBusiness analysis and modellingCity
2017, Week 47 - 51ABS3EAVEncountering Aboriginal VictoriaAlbury-Wodonga, Bendigo, Bundoora (Melbourne), Mildura and Shepparton
2017, Week 48 - 50MDS3ODYThe world of OdysseusBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Week 48 - 50AST3UJSUnderstanding Japanese societyBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Week 49 - 51BUA5CGCorporate governanceCity
2017, Week 51 - 51BUS5SMMSustainable management and marketingCity
2017, Summer 1BUS1AFBAccounting and finance for businessBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1ACC1AISAccounting and information systemsBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1ACC3AUDAuditing and assuranceMildura
2017, Summer 1FIN2BFIBanking and financial institutionsBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1BUS1BANBusiness analyticsBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1BUS1BUEBusiness economicsBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1BUS1BUFBusiness foundationsBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1MKT2CBEConsumer behaviourBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1OED2FECField experience CBendigo
2017, Summer 1PLA4HPHeritage planningBendigo and Bundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1PLA5HPHeritage planningBendigo and Bundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1MGT2HRMHuman resource managementBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1HUS2RS1Humanities reading subject 2AAlbury-Wodonga, Bendigo, Bundoora (Melbourne), Mildura and Shepparton
2017, Summer 1HUS3RS1Humanities reading subject 3AAlbury-Wodonga, Bendigo, Bundoora (Melbourne), Mildura and Shepparton
2017, Summer 1HUS4RS1Humanities reading subject 4AAlbury-Wodonga, Bendigo, Bundoora (Melbourne), Mildura and Shepparton
2017, Summer 1PLA4IPSInternational planning studioBendigo
2017, Summer 1PLA4IPTInternational planning studioBendigo
2017, Summer 1BUS5IAFIntroduction to accounting and financeCity and Bundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1LST2BSLIntroduction to business, law and ethicsBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1LAW4INBLaw internship BBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1LAW4LPPLegal practice and conduct clinical placeBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1HUS2WAAMinor thesisBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1BUS5POEPrinciples of economicsCity and Bundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1LAW5RLCRefugee law in contextCity
2017, Summer 1BUS5SBFStatistics for business and financeCity and Bundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1STC3SACStrategic communication agency CBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1EDU4SWCStudents who challengeBendigo
2017, Summer 1HUM5SIPStudy abroad, internship and placementsBendigo and Bundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1BUS2SUSSustainabilityBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1BUS5SMMSustainable management and marketingCity and Bundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1EDU4TTTransitions to teachingBendigo
2017, Summer 1HUS3WPPWork placement programAlbury-Wodonga, Bendigo, Bundoora (Melbourne), Mildura and Shepparton
2018, Week 02 - 13LAW4INTLegal internshipBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Week 03 - 09LAS2BRZBrazil: History, development, culture and The AmazonBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Week 06 - 24LAW3IAMInternational arbitration mootBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 2


Family society and lawBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 2


Global change and peaceBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 2HUM5SIPStudy abroad, internship and placementsBendigo and Bundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 2HUS2RS1Humanities reading subject 2AAlbury-Wodonga, Bendigo, Bundoora (Melbourne), Mildura and Shepparton
2018, Summer 2


Humanities reading subject 3AAlbury-Wodonga, Bendigo, Bundoora (Melbourne), Mildura and Shepparton
2018, Summer 2HUS4RS1Humanities reading subject 4AAlbury-Wodonga, Bendigo, Bundoora (Melbourne), Mildura and Shepparton
2018, Summer 2MAC3INTProfessional internshipBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 2BUA5RP1MBA research project 1Bundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 2BUS3DREDirected readingsBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 2ECO3ITRInternational tradeBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 2FIN1FOFFundamentals of financeBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 2FIN3IFMInternational financial managementBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 2MGT1IBIntroduction to international businessBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 2MGT2IMGManaging across bordersBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 3ACC3AWPAccounting work placementAlbury-Wodonga and Bendigo
2018, Summer 3ECO2EREPrinciples of environmental and resource economicsAlbury-Wodonga, Bendigo, Bundoora (Melbourne), Mildura and Shepparton
2018, Summer 3LTU3PLAMentoring and advisingBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 3ARC3ATEAncient technologiesBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 3HUM5SIPStudy abroad, internship and placementsBendigo and Bundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 3POL2IMEWar and peace: Introduction to conflicts and conflict resolutionBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 3POL3IPSIndonesian politics and societyBundoora (Melbourne)

College of Science, Health and Engineering

2017, Week 45 - 51PTY5PPAProfessional practicum ABendigo and Bundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Week 45 - 51PTY5PPBProfessional practicum BBendigo and Bundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Week 45 - 51PTY5PPCProfessional practicum CBendigo and Bundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Week 45 - 51PTY5PPDProfessional practicum DBendigo and Bundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Week 45 - 51PTY5PPEProfessional practicum EBendigo and Bundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Week 45 - 51PTY5PPFProfessional practicum FBendigo and Bundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Week 45 - 51EXS5PPBProfessional practicum BBendigo
2017, Week 45 - 51EXS5PPCProfessional practicum CBendigo
2017, Week 45 - 51POD4APPAnatomy and pathology for podiatristsBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Week 46 - 47PHE5ACWManaging athlete and coach welfareCity
2017, Week 47 - 51OCT5PPAProfessional practice ABendigo and Bundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Week 48 - 50OCT1OCSOccupational science: introduction to occupationBendigo and Bundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Week 48 - 08BIO5THAThesis ABundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Week 48 - 08BIO5THBThesis BBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Week 48 - 08BIO5THCThesis CBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Week 48 - 08BIO5THDThesis DBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Week 49 - 51HCS2IHBIntroduction to hearing and balance: embryology, genetics and epidemiologyBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Week 50 - 51ENV3GPLGeology and plant lifeBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1ALH3CEECommunity engagement experienceBendigo and Bundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1CSE1OOFObject-oriented programming fundamentalsBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1CSE2NEFNetwork engineering fundamentalsBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1CSE3PEProfessional environmentBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1CSE4OOFObject-oriented programming fundamentals (PG)Bundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1CSE5ENTEntrepreneurship in ITBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1CSE5IBLIdustry based learningBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1CSE5NEFNetwork engineering fundamentalsBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1CSE5PEProfessional environmentBundoora (Melbourne) and City campus
2017, Summer 1ELE4DIRDirected studyBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1HCS2PCAPatient-centered care in audiological practiceBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1PHY3PRJSenior physics research projectBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1PHY5DIRDirected study in physicsBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1PHY5PRJAdvanced physics projectBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1PSY2PRMPsychological research methodsOnline
2017, Summer 1PSY3PFPPsychology field placementBendigo
2017, Summer 1PSY5RMBResearch masters BBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1PSY5RMCResearch masters CBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1PSY5RMDResearch masters DBundoora (Melbourne)
2017, Summer 1SHE3FRWFuture ready for work (work integrated learning)Albury-Wodonga, Bendigo, Bundoora (Melbourne), Mildura and Shepparton
2017, Summer 1ZOO3HIFHeron Island marine physiology field courseBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Week 04 - 12ENV2MEMountain ecosystems field course AAlbury-Wodonga
2018, Week 04 - 12ENV3MEMountain ecosystems field course BAlbury-Wodonga
2018, Week 05 - 09PTY5EBPEvidence based practice in healthBendigo and Bundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Week 05 - 09PTY5CDMChonic disease managementBendigo and Bundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Week 05 - 09PTY5PPCProfessional practicum CBendigo and Bundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Week 05 - 09


Professional practicum DBendigo and Bundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Week 06 - 24POR5ELPExtended lower limb prostheticsBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Week 06 - 24POR5ELOExtended evidence based orthotic management of the lower limbBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Week 06 - 27POR5CEAClinical education in prosthetics and orthotics ABundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Week 09 - 24POR5ECEExtended clinical educationBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 2ALH1PALParticipation across lifespanOnline
2018, Summer 2PTY3GEPGraduate-entry preparation for Master of Physiotherapy PracticeBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 2PHE5AHRAustralia's international health relationsBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 2PSY5RMBResearch Masters BBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 2PSY5RMCResearch Masters CBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 2PSY5RMDResearch Masters DBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 2CSE5TSAThesis ABundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 2STA1IDAIntroduction to data analysisBendigo and Bundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 2CSE3ILAIndustry based learning ABundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 2


Assessment and exercise prescription for cardiorespiratory and metabolic dysfunctionBendigo
2018, Summer 2


Assessment and exercise prescription for musculoskeletal dysfunctionBendigo
2018, Summer 2


Assessment and exercise prescription for neurological dysfunctionBendigo
2018, Summer 3PHE5ARSAdvanced research skillsCity campus
2018, Summer 3PSY5RMBResearch Masters BBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 3PSY5RMCResearch Masters CBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 3PSY5RMDResearch Masters DBundoora (Melbourne)
2018, Summer 3POR3COFClinical orthotic management of the footBundoora (Melbourne)