Request for an extension of time to submit an assessment task

This application should only be used to request extensions of time for assessment tasks that will form 15% or more of your total assessment for the subject and applications must be made at least three days before the due date.

Smaller assessment tasks are not covered by the University’s Late Submission of Assessment Tasks Policy and Procedures. You should contact your subject coordinator to discuss your circumstances for any assessment tasks which are worth less than 15% of your total mark. Applications for extension made because of poor time management are generally not accepted.


Submit the application form and include your relevant supporting documentation (e.g. Medical Impact Statement). This form will be forwarded  to your Subject or Instance Coordinator for review.

Please ensure you have obtained documentation to demonstrate the date of the circumstance and/or the date(s) of the impact e.g. Medical Impact Statement, police report, or funeral notice.

Requests must be made at least three working days before the due date. If your request falls outside this deadline, please check to see if you’re eligible for Special Consideration.

NOTE: You are not automatically granted an extension of time by submitting this form. The Subject/Instance Coordinator will respond to your request via email to your La Trobe student email account with approval or rejection of your request clearly indicated.


If an extension is granted, you must include the Coordinator's email response with your completed assessment task.

The University’s Late Submission penalties apply from the original submission date if your request for an extension is rejected, and from the new submission date (detailed on the Coordinator's email response) if your request is accepted. You may wish to refer to the Late Submission of Assessment Tasks Policy and Procedures for more information.