Indigenous student services

Indigenous Student Services aim to ensure the delivery of the highest quality services to Indigenous Australians as prospective and current students as well as alumni.

These services increase access, participation, retention and success for Indigenous Australians within the higher education sector.

La Trobe University acknowledges that our campuses are located on the lands of many traditional custodians in Victoria. We recognise their ongoing connection to the land and value their unique contribution to the University and wider Australian society.  La Trobe University is committed to providing opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, both as individuals and communities through teaching & learning, research and community partnerships across all of our campuses.

Currently enrolled students

Indigenous Student Service Units and/or staff are based at all La Trobe Victorian campuses:


Woddha Gki-Lya Indigenous Education Unit
Location: Room 136, Building 6


Jimbeyer Boondjhil Indigenous Unit
Location: Ground floor, Student Services Centre

Melbourne (Bundoora)

Ngarn-gi Bagora Indigenous Centre
Location: Office 202, Level 2, Agora East Building


Indigenous Student Services Officer
Location: Dulka Yappata building


Ngarrapna Indigenous Education Unit
Location: Room 222, 210 Fryers Street

One to One tuition

Under the IAEP an Indigenous Australian student may access up to 2 hours per week per subject (during the teaching period) to a maximum of 8 hours as approved through their application.

Group tuition

Tuition to a group of Indigenous Australian students may also be provided where more than one student is enrolled in a particular subject and have expressed a preference for group tuition.

Exam preparation

Up to 10 hours total additional hours for full-time students and 5 hours for part-time students may be accessed during the University examination period.

IAEP applications are submitted to the campus Indigenous Student Services Officer for approval by the Associate Director, Indigenous Education & Student Services. All Indigenous Australian student and tutor paperwork must be approved and authorised before tuition may commence.

Postgraduate Indigenous Australian students access to tuition under the IAEP is dependent on the discipline of the study being undertaken and where new skills or high levels of content knowledge are required but were not sufficiently covered in the student’s undergraduate or previous experience.

Indigenous Australian students may be eligible for financial support regarding significant hardship or family circumstances impacting upon study and Sorry Business. To receive further information about the financial supports available, contact the Indigenous Student Advisor.

Where Indigenous Student computer laboratories exist (at Bundoora and Bendigo) an Indigenous Australian student may access these facilities as per the respective campus access times and procedures. The computers provide access to the internet, email and University websites. Photocopying, scanning and faxing services may be accessed through your local Indigenous Student Service Officer.

Where collections exist outside of the university library, Indigenous Australian students may access resources via the respective borrowing process at each Indigenous Student Services unit. Collections include: books; journals; cds and dvds; videos; posters; Indigenous newspapers.

Indigenous Australian students may seek advice on academic matters from Indigenous Student Services Officers related to course or other administrative requirements. Advocacy is an important provision whereby Indigenous Student Services Officers negotiate on the students behalf in a range of areas such as: assignment extensions; ‘show cause’; special consideration, academic progress and supplementary assessments.

For detailed information about scholarships offered by La Trobe University, terms and conditions and how you can apply are available on the University's Scholarship website. The following scholarships are offered:

  • La Trobe Indigenous Scholarship ($5000 per year)

There are also many external scholarships available including:

  • Puggy Hunter Memorial Scholarship
  • Rotary Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Scholarship
  • Mary McKillop Foundation Scholarship
  • Victorian Women’s Trust Aboriginal Scholarship

Indigenous Accommodation Scholarship

At La Trobe, we understand how important access to safe, secure and affordable housing is for our students.

That’s why we are offering Indigenous students a guaranteed place in our accommodation facilities across all of our campuses, as well as a scholarship that will cover any gap left after Rent Assistance – this means you’ll be able to live on campus at no financial cost to you.*

Find out more by visiting Indigenous Accommodation Scholarship.

Student Networks

Indigenous Student Services units may facilitate networks and groups of Indigenous Australian students based upon their location, study areas and levels as required.  This may include social events, academic or service related forums and wider sectoral student meetings where necessary.

Referral to Other Services

Indigenous Australian students may seek advice or referral from the Indigenous Student Services Officers toother university or external services, related to their academic or personal situation. This may include: Centrelink/Abstudy; health and well-being services; cadetships/scholarship opportunities; Living at La Trobe.

Promotion of Indigenous Australian Cultures and Issues

Indigenous Student Services units at all campuses during the academic year may host events which promote engagement with Indigenous Australian people, cultures and significant issues. These events are sponsored by the university.

Employment Opportunities

Job Seeking - Where an Indigenous Australian student gives permission, e-mails from Indigenous Student Services Officers or the University’s Indigenous Workforce Engagement Advisor may be received to a university email address only highlighting existing vacancies within local or broader communities. Specific graduate employment sessions are available through Careers and Employment Services available at all campuses.

Casual employment – Indigenous Student Services units may engage students to undertake general and specific roles as part of event planning and community engagement activities.

The Advisor, Indigenous Student Recruitment, can provide information about the University's application and selection process and about arranging school visits to any of the La Trobe University campuses.

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Register online as a La Trobe Indigenous Australian alumni student to receive updated information on events/activities that are being undertaken by the Office of the Director, Indigenous Education, and the University.

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