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Domestic students: Enrol and next steps

1. Understand your study plan

  • Check the University Handbook for an overview of your course structure (also known as a 'study plan'). Take the time to understand the structure as some course structures can be complicated. If you're starting an undergraduate course and have a major in mind, have a look at the prerequisite subjects you might need to do in your first year.
    Note: A typical full time study load (or 'equivalent full time study load' EFTSL) is four subjects in Semester 1, and four subjects in Semester 2 (a total of eight subjects over the academic year).
  • Check the subject search to get an in-depth look at elective subjects. Note that it's easier if you already know which discipline area to look in. See also: Choosing subjects and electives
  • Write down the subject codes you want to study – these will be useful when you're enrolling.

2. Enrol in subjects

  • When you know what to enrol into for the calendar year, log back into StudentOnLine and select the Enrolment tab.
  • Choose your subjects for the calendar year. It's easier if you know the subject code when you're searching for subjects. You only need to search for elective subjects, as the core subjects will pre-fill.
  • If you're an undergraduate student, you'll need to complete the online Academic Integrity and Wominjeka La Trobe Modules.
  • Once you've chosen your subjects, tick the box next to each subject.
  • Click Enrol to confirm.

If you have difficulties enrolling, see the Can’t Enrol on StudentOnLine guided assist.

Need more help enrolling?

We have a range of support available for you if you need extra assistance or advice.

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Credit for prior study / Advanced standing

If you apply for advanced standing you still need to enrol in all subjects, and attend all classes, until you receive an outcome to your application.

3. Next steps

After successfully enrolling there are a few things you should do before classes start.

  1. Access your La Trobe email - this is the official channel for all University notices and announcements.
  2. Get your student ID card
  3. Create your timetable
  4. Go to Orientation

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Next steps

New students

After you've enrolled, get ready for uni:

  • get your ID
  • create your timetable
  • prepare to study.

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