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Listed below are resources and forms for all researchers, including graduate research candidates. The sections labelled graduate research candidates and graduate research degree supervisors house forms specific to candidature and supervision.

Other forms and resources can be found at:

Graduate research candidates

Getting ready to apply

During your candidature

Forms that related to changes to your candidature should to be sent to:

Progress management

Progress Milestones and Ad-Hoc Reviews are now handled by the online agreements system. If the Progress Committee is recommending a degree transfer, the Chair needs to complete the Progress Committee Assessment Form (PCA) form (linked below) and attach it to their Progress Report in the agreements system.

Please contact for more information.

Thesis submission

Progress Milestones and Ad-Hoc Reviews are now handled by the online Agreements system. Please contact for more information.

For the Schedule for Presentation of Theses by Higher Degrees By Research mentioned in the NOI and ATS form, please refer to our policies, guidelines for graduate research page.

Other documents

Research Codes - Australian New Zealand Standard Research Classification

Useful resources for graduate researchers

Web resources

If you require a website to support communication and recruitment for your research project, there are a number of options open to you.

La Trobe does not support the development of websites within the domain for individual graduate research candidates. There are however a number of free and low cost options that provide basic functionality and easy to use interfaces. Our recommendations are:

You may also consider using the Google Docs platform. Google Docs provides an easy and free way to share information.

In some cases, where you are the member of a specialist research centre, team or unit that has its own La Trobe website, it may be possible to publish information on these pages. Clearance for this would need to be sought through the Business Development Manager or Director of the research centre, team or unit you are connected with.

It's essential to note that if you are intending to use your website to recruit for your research project that you need to have ethics approval before you begin recruitment. If you don't receive prior approval, you risk invalidating your collected data. You can apply for ethics approval via the ethics, biosafety and integrity webpage.

It's also important to keep in mind that you should consult with your research supervisor should you wish to publish any findings of your research project online.

Academic integrity, plagiarism and iThenticate

Being familiar and complying with academic integrity requirements and practices in your discipline is every candidate's responsibility. Citing sources accurately and appropriately is a core element of research integrity. If you have published during your candidature, or plan to, and want to use some or all of that material (text, data, ideas etc.) in your thesis, you need to manage that process carefully and discuss it with your supervisor. The GRS recommends using the text-matching software iThenticate to help avoid inadvertent plagiarism and manage citation practices, including self-citation.

Read more on academic integrity for researchers and iThenticate

Social media resources

The GRS recommends that all candidates establish a social media presence early on in candidature, particularly a Twitter and LinkedIn account. These resources can be used for communication of your research, for building networks and to support recruitment for your research project. The RED team run information sessions on the effective use of these resources.

Official La Trobe stationery

Branded stationery is available for use for communications related to your research project. You will need to contact to request a copy for use.

  • La Trobe letterhead

Conference presentation materials

The following PowerPoint templates are available to support the presentation of your research at conferences both within and external to La Trobe.

The GRS recommends that officially branded PowerPoint templates are used. You will need to contact to request a copy for use.

  • PowerPoint template
  • Poster template for conference poster sessions

Additional notes

To request any of the graduate research documents listed above in an alternative format please contact

The policies and guidelines that relate to these forms can be viewed on the policies and guidelines page for graduate research.

Graduate research degree supervisors

Ethics and biosafety information and forms

To access information and forms on ethics and biosafety, please visit the ethics, biosafety and integrity website.

Intellectual property