Study plan guides

La Trobe’s Study Plan Guides tool will assist you with visualising your course enrolment.

Study Plan Guides for undergraduate courses

The Study Plan Guides tool is available to support students starting a new undergraduate course in 2024 or continuing a course commenced from 2022 or onwards.

Enter your commencement year and course into the tool to generate a user-friendly map of your course. If your course has a major option, an extra selection box will appear for you to view your major.

A personalised Study Plan Guide will be generated that shows you where subjects or majors, minors or elective subjects can be added to your enrolment in StudentOnLine.

Study Plan Guides for postgraduate courses

The postgraduate Study Plan Guides currently show postgraduate courses with a 2024 start date.

If you started your course in an earlier year, or are enrolled in a postgraduate course which does not have a Study Plan Guide, please consult the Handbook for the year you started your course to find information on your course structure.

Information to help you use the tool (undergraduate courses)

The Study Plan Guides tool currently shows undergraduate courses with a start date from 2022 onwards.

If you started your course in an earlier year or if your course if offered via a partner provider, please consult the Handbook for the year you started your course for information on your course structure.

You can only select one major at a time using the Study Plan Guides tool.

If your course requires two majors, the tiles in the tool will indicate where the two majors will sit on your study plan.

To see your second major, change the major selected from the drop-down options.

Use this as a guide to add subjects from both majors via StudentOnLine.

The major list is grouped by degree area (e.g., all Arts majors and then all Science majors for a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science).

Check the Completion Requirements which appear at the bottom of the Study Plan Guide and in the Handbook for more information.

The Study Plan Guides tool shows the core major options for your course.

Some courses allow you to add an optional major or minor to your course via StudentOnLine.

The tiles in the tool will indicate where an additional major or minor could sit on your plan.

View the full list of Open Access majors and minors available as optional second majors on the Undergraduate open access majors and minors webpage.

If you have chosen an additional major, you can view the subjects in the major by changing the major selected from the drop-down options. Use this as a guide to add subjects via StudentOnLine.

Please note that to view minors, you need to refer to the Handbook.

Make sure you check the Completion Requirements which appear at the bottom of the Study Plan Guide and in the Handbook or click the ‘Please refer to the Handbook’ link in the tool for more information.

No, where one or more subjects are shared between a major and another component (course, second major or minor) the subjects will be replaced with an elective at the same level as the shared subject.

If your Study Plan Guide shows duplicate subjects, you will need to submit a Variation Request – Structure Amendment (VRSA) and select the “Request to change a major/minor” option. We will then update your study plan in StudentOnLine by adding your desired major/minor.

StudentOnLine may prevent you from adding a major/minor to your study plan if it will cause a duplicate subject.

For more information about VRSA request, visit the Change Enrolment webpage.

For specific information please consult the Handbook.

There are several reasons why the Study Plan Guides tool may refer you to the Handbook, such as:

  • No subject Instances for this subject at your campus (note, some courses may require certain subjects to be completed at a campus other than your home campus)
  • This subject is a placeholder for advanced standing purposes (e.g., LTU1YLC – La Trobe University First Year Level Credit)
  • The subject is not available until a future year (e.g. 2025)
  • The subject availability is still to be confirmed (contact ASK La Trobe).

Boxes in the Study Plan Guides tool are sized to reflect the credit points of the subject (or the largest subject in the choice list).

Subjects are listed in the order they appear in the Handbook. Some subjects have multiple instances or may not be available in the current year.

Please consider pre-requisites and study load when planning your enrolment in StudentOnLine.

We recommend that you continue to access your Study Plan Guide via the Study Plan Guides tool to ensure that you are following the most up-to-date information when managing your enrolment via StudentOnLine.

These statuses match the Handbook and relate to intakes for the degree:

  • ‘Active’ courses are open for new student applications or exit only awards
  • ‘Phasing Out’ courses no longer take new students but remain available for currently admitted students to complete their degree
  • ‘Suspended’ courses are paused from admitting new students but remain available for currently admitted students to complete their degree.

When looking at your study plan guide you should select the year of admission and your course code from the drop-down lists.

Visit our Enrolment support page where you can book an Enrolment Support workshop with a course-specific Student Advisor.