Apply for exchange

We recommend you attend one of our information sessions throughout the year, the dates for these sessions will be posted on our Facebook Page. Otherwise, if you have a partner in mind, it is never too early to apply.

Application dates for Sem 2, 2019 Exchange

Subject approval application (SOMSAS):

Sunday 25 November 2018 (Extended)

Exchange application form and supporting documents:

Friday 14 December 2018 by 5pm

Check your eligibility

All domestic and international students doing a degree are eligible and we encourage you to apply.

You must:

  • have completed at least a year worth of credits (120 credit points) at La Trobe University or will have completed this by the time you do the exchange program. We recommend that you start your application in your first year.
  • If you are planning your exchange during the final semester of your LTU degree, you may not be eligible for an OS help loan. Please see the OS help loan eligibility criteria.
  • have at least a 65% overall grade (note some partner universities require a higher requirement).
    Please note: if you fail one or more units in the semester before your exchange, you may not be accepted into the program.
  • be enrolled in a La Trobe University degree at the time of application, the semester before exchange, and also during the exchange program.
  • have your subjects approved for credit as part of the first stage of the application process (SOMSAS)
  • complete an equivalent full-time study load of 45 - 60 LTU credits during each semester of exchange

Start planning early

Start preparations as early as possible. The overall process may take up to 3-6 months leading up to the application deadline.

1. What can I study overseas?

During your exchange semester your LTU subjects will be replaced by equivalent subjects offered at the host university. However, not all subjects in your course can be replaced with overseas subjects. It is up to you to find out which LTU subjects you may replace. After which you can start looking for possible replacement subjects at the host university website.

Take a look at your Study Plan in Student Online to find out which subjects are still available.

If you have any difficulties understanding your study plan, please contact the ASSC or SHE College Client Services representative by submitting an online query via ASK La Trobe or by visiting them in the Library for advice.

Please note the process below for specific programs:

  • Japanese major programs - students must map out their degree structure and see Dr Elise Foxworth to discuss their study options prior to application.
  • Law students: Can only do electives as part of their Exchange program.
  • Health Science students: Please make an appointment to speak with your Course/ Discipline Coordinator about which LTU subjects you can replace overseas. Find your Course/Discipline Coordinator by searching your course in the current Handbook.
  • Psychology students: Please refer to the 2018 Psychology Study Overseas Guide [337 KB] which is also available on your LMS

2. Where can I go?

Research the Exchange Partner Universities by exploring their websites for subjects and facilities. Based on the advice you have gained through the step above, you need to choose a maximum of three that offer suitable subjects related to your degree. It is recommended to only select one host university preference with a “limited placement chance” to increase your chances of being placed.

Please note: Keep a record of the subject links and descriptions/syllabi as you will need to provide and upload these during part 1 of the application. It is best to get at least 8-10 subjects approved for each institution to ensure you have sufficient back-ups.

Study abroad at a non-partner university:

If the university you wish to study at isn't a LTU partner university, then you will need to consider independently studying abroad.  Choosing your own independent study abroad option could allow you to complete courses overseas and count them towards your LTU degree. However, you will need to pay international fees directly to your host university and take a Leave of Absence from LTU during that semester. Study abroad is not a formal program and as such students enrol as international fee paying students at their host university. All administrative and academic arrangements need to be made on an individual basis with your home LTU academic college/s prior to participating.

Study plan subject approvals - SOMSAS

Extended submission date for SOMSAS: Sunday 25 November 2018

We recommend using Mozilla Firefox as your internet browser to complete your Study Plan application.

Not on campus? Type “students\” before your ID number.

  1. Login to SOMSAS.
  2. Upload documents such as your study plan (compulsory), unofficial transcript (obtained from StudentOnline), any emails with your college or course/subject coordinator regarding your subject options. (refer to ‘Start Planning Early’ Step 1.)
  3. Add individual subjects for approval on SOMSAS.

    Note, you can leave and come back later to add more information as long as your application is in “Draft” status.

  4. Edit credit equivalence (refer to partner university website - linked). Instruction video .
  5. Click ‘Submit Application’ by the relevant deadline. Once you click submit, you cannot make further edits. Note, if you need to make any further edits, please contact us at
  6. Start working on Application Part 2 as soon as you have submitted SOMSAS.

Need help?

Who do I contact about my subject approvals?

Your college works together with your course and subject coordinators to approve your subjects. If you need to follow up on the status of your SOMSAS credit approval, please submit a question through Ask La Trobe online with all the necessary details. They will assist you with following up with your College for the status. You will receive an email to your La Trobe student email account once your credit approval application has been finalised by your College.

I want to change the order of my university preferences

You may reorder your preferences in Application Part 2 (not in SOMSAS). For changes after lodging application part 2 please contact

Your application and supporting documents

Submission dates for your exchange application form and supporting documents are:
Final Submission: Friday 14 December, 2018 by 5pm

Complete your exchange application form and email them along with the following supporting documents to (note that your official transcript must be submitted in its original hard copy to the Global Lounge (Bundoora campus) or International Office (Bendigo campus).

Application documents:

  • Download and complete the Part 2 - Outbound Exchange Application Form [PDF 719KB]
  • One Academic Reference Form (from a La Trobe Academic – including casual academics/tutor)
  • Copy of Passport ID page or University ID card
  • Personal statement (no more than 1 page) explaining why you want to go on exchange and what you want to gain from the experience academically, personally and professionally
  • CV/resume (if applying for the SMS scholarship)
  • Language requirement - if your program has a language requirement (refer to information on our exchange partner website) please submit evidence of your current language level (e.g. a letter of competency from your academic).
  • Official La Trobe academic transcript (including the results of the semester during which you apply. You can purchase an official La Trobe transcript online. If you or your assigned third party are not able to deliver the transcript to the Global Lounge (Bundoora Campus) or International Office (Bendigo Campus) in person, you may opt to have it posted to La Trobe Abroad by  choosing the delivery type “Regular Australia Post mail service. Free” and then include the following address in the “Additional Instructions” section:

La Trobe Abroad, Level 3 Sylvia Walton Building, La Trobe University

Please note: unofficial transcripts are accepted as an interim measure until official transcripts from current semesters are released. These can be accessed through your StudentOnline. The original official transcript may be required for your host application.

Your application must be complete before submitting for assessment. Incomplete applications may not be considered.

You will be notified via email of the next steps for your application by La Trobe Abroad within approximately 2 months after the Part 2 application deadline.

Acceptance sessions and pre-departure preparation

At this stage, your application nomination should have been confirmed – congratulations! Along with the confirmation you receive, you will be invited to attend 2 compulsory sessions (Acceptance and Pre-departure). This is where we will walk you through your next steps before leaving Australia.

Acceptance session and documents

You will receive an invitation to the acceptance session, once you have been accepted into the La Trobe University exchange program. During this session, we will give you information on your host university application and the conditions and responsibilities of the exchange program participants. This is a mandatory session.


Soon after this session, you must submit the following documents before the upcoming pre-departure session:


Submit/upload to

Agreement and Acceptance of Offer (AAO) Form [PDF 83.9KB]

  • Upload to ISIS
  • Email your La Trobe Abroad Coordinator advising of the new upload

Mobility Grant Payment (MGP) Form [PDF 76KB]

(for Mobility Grant/SMS/other scholarship recipients – ISEP Exchange students do not need to submit)

  • Upload to ISIS
  • Email your La Trobe Abroad Coordinator advising of the new upload
Proxy and consent form (optional but highly recommended)
  • Submit online
  • Email your La Trobe Abroad Coordinator advising of the new upload

Pre-departure session and documents

This session prepares you for your departure overseas and covers important topics including health and safety, academic requirements, culture shock and more. This is another mandatory session where all accepted students must attend.

After this session, please ensure to download and read through the Pre-Departure Guide [PDF 869KB]. This guide contains important information to assist you with your preparations and throughout your journey.


You must submit the following mandatory forms at least 28 days before your departure from Australia.

Compulsory forms:

Variation of enrolment (VOE) form - online

Outbound exchange pre-departure documents (OEPD) [PDF 566KB]

  • Submit together with supporting documents directly to the Global Lounge or International Office in Bendigo

Travel Risk Assessment Checklist (TRA) [PDF 35KB]

  • Upload to ISIS where necessary (see instructions on the form).

Travel Insurance Form(TIF) [564KB]

All postgraduate and undergraduate students are covered under the University’s travel insurance for all La Trobe University approved international activity.

All postgraduate and undergraduate students are covered for a domestic or international journey* approved by LTU.

For the summary of the insurance policy with the key benefits and exclusions and other information please refer to travel. Please ensure to carefully read through this information.

Insurance cover for non-LTU approved activity is limited to 10 business days prior and 10 business days following an LTU activity. You are advised to purchase your own travel insurance for any additional days of non-LTU approved activity.

No cover applies to destinations advised as “Do not travel” by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Travel Advisory Levels explained:

  • This form is used as a record of the student’s  Travel activities overseas and eligibility of the university insurance cover
  • Submit together with supporting documents directly to the Global Lounge or International Office in Bendigo

Travel Insurance Guidelines (TIG) [PDF 70KB]

If the duration of the program or personal travel fall outside of the coverage period as stipulated above, all students are mandatorily required to take additional travel and health insurance to cover for the duration of their stay. Please follow the guidelines when purchasing additional insurance cover.

  • Follow the guidelines when purchasing your insurance

Optional forms (due before departure)

Application for Centrelink Letter Online Form

(if applicable i.e. you have an arrangement with Centrelink and need to advise them about your exchange)

Supporting documents are also required

  • Ensure your online Variation of Enrolment is finalised prior to completing this form
  • Upload letter to ISIS and save any confirmation of submission number
  • Email your La Trobe Abroad Coordinator advising of the new upload

Amendment to Personal  Details form [PDF 112KB]

(if applicable i.e. you wish to change your mailing address while on exchange)

  • Original to ASK La Trobe
  • Upload to ISIS (ensure has date submitted to ASK La Trobe on the form)
  • Email your La Trobe Abroad Coordinator advising of the new upload

Departure arrangement tips and information

All flight, visa and accommodation arrangements are the responsibility of the student. Please ensure to read through all information provided by the host institution and relevant country consulate carefully before proceeding with your arrangements. We highly recommend that you read our Pre-Departure Guide and Pre-Departure Checklist [295] before you depart.

Academic studies

While studying overseas, you must remain enrolled at La Trobe to ensure that you only pay tuition fees to La Trobe University. This is accomplished by submitting a variation of enrolment.

Flights, visas and accommodation

  • Keep an eye on cheap flights to your destination. However, we do not recommend that you book flights until you have received your host university acceptance. La Trobe University takes no responsibility for any financial loss associated with flight and/or travel insurance bookings.
  • Due to the large number of countries we deal with and constantly changing visa requirements, we are not authorised to provide visa advice. Please contact your host country’s consulate/embassy for information regarding the visa you will need. You will most likely be required to apply for a student visa. Please note: in some cases, the Consulate/Embassy requires you to fly to Sydney to apply for your student visa. Make sure to get in touch with them early so you don’t get surprised by additional airfares or waiting lists to make an appointment for your application.
  • In most cases, accommodation can be organised through your host university (please refer to the acceptance documents they send), but it is your responsibility to research and confirm your accommodation. Most students choose to live in residential colleges, dormitories, or apartments close to their host university campuses. This offers you greater integration into student life and tends to be the most affordable option. Some universities do not have on-campus housing but do have services to help you find accommodation.
  • La Trobe University offers travel insurance cover to all postgraduate and undergraduate students. Please note: Your cover won’t be activated until you have submitted your Travel Insurance Form.
  • For the summary of the insurance policy with the key benefits and exclusions and other information please refer to travel. Please ensure to carefully read through this information.
  • Insurance cover is limited to 10 business days prior and 10 business days following a La Trobe University approved credit-bearing international activity. You are advised to purchase your own travel insurance for any additional days of non-LTU approved activity.
  • No cover applies to destinations advised as “Do not travel” by the Department of Home Affairs. The University advises students to refrain from travelling to these destinations. Advisory Levels explained:
  • If you are travelling to a destination that has been identified as ‘Reconsider your need for travel’, you must also complete a Risk Assessment Checklist
  • You must have comprehensive travel and health insurance before going on exchange. Some host universities may also require that you take out their health insurance policy. Carefully review your acceptance information for insurance requirements.
  • All travel and insurance documents must be submitted to your education abroad advisor at least 28 days before your departure from Australia.

Health and medical check-ups

  • It is very important that you undergo a health check-up before departure and ensure you are up-to-date with your vaccinations.
  • Be careful with what you pack in terms of medication as certain drugs may be prohibited by some countries. If you are carrying any medications for an existing health condition, please ensure that you carry a doctor’s certificate/prescription with you.
  • If you do have a pre-existing medical condition or a disability, it is highly recommended that you have informed both La Trobe Abroad and your host institution. This is very important to ensure you are provided with the right facilities and assistance as needed.