La Trobe University partners with ISEP (International Student Exchange Programs), a not-for-profit organisation based in the United States, to provide our students access to more than 330 universities across 54 countries. This means our students can choose from more subjects and more locations around the world to find the best exchange option for them. La Trobe students can access any of the ISEP-Exchange institutions (not ISEP-Direct).

With ISEP, budgeting is made easy:

  • Students continue to pay their tuition fees to La Trobe, just like a normal exchange.
  • Students are required to pay for their meals and accommodation upfront to La Trobe. This is not more expensive than an exchange through a direct partner but makes budgeting a breeze.
  • Students accepted to the LTU exchange program and nominated to ISEP are eligible for the La Trobe Abroad Mobility Grant, which is deducted from your upfront payment.


  • Access to more than 330 institutions in the USA and around the world
  • Experience somewhere unique, like Botswana, Estonia, Fiji, Morocco and many more
  • Budgeting made easy - meals and accommodation are paid upfront!
  • Excellent options for students studying biology, chemistry or education (special advising sheets are available – check with the Global Lounge)

Choosing an ISEP institution

  • Our students can access any of the ISEP-Exchange institutions (not ISEP-Direct)
  • Go to the ISEP website and click Find a Program. Enter ‘La Trobe University’ to show all programs available to you
  • Use the filter options to narrow down your search, then look at each institution to decide on your preferred options
  • Check the relevant Semester information for each institution to see the Chance of Placement and ensure you do not list more than one Most Competitive institution
  • Drop by the Global Lounge to discuss the application process.

Access ISEP program map

Costs and fundings of ISEP

For costing, please refer to the 2023 ISEP Factsheet [863KB]and check with La Trobe Abroad for the current program fees.

Applying for an ISEP exchange

Before you apply, please refer to the 2022 ISEP Factsheet [863KB] and check our Apply for exchange page for the current round of application dates.

How to list ISEP exchange preferences

  • ISEP is counted as one host institution preference in GECA. Students must list at least three* ISEP host institutions under ISEP in GECA (see example below)
  • Applications with less than three ISEP host institutions listed will not be accepted
  • Students must be prepared to accept the placement that ISEP offers from the preferences on their application, so if you are not comfortable to go to a particular institution then do not put it on your preference list

*If you are nominated to ISEP, you will may select an additional two ISEP institutions for your ISEP application. Additional College approvals can be obtained at that time.