Eligibility criteria and supporting documentation

Assessment task

  • Assessment task must be 15% or more.
  • Speak to your subject coordinator if the assessment task is worth less than 15%.


  • Application must be submitted online
  • Submit application by no more than 3 working days after the assessment task date.
  • Submit application as close as possible to the assessment.


  • Circumstance must be serious and have had significant impact on your ability to complete the assessment task.
  • Circumstance must have occurred unexpectedly with short-term or immediate impact.
  • Some circumstances are not handled via Special Consideration e.g:
    • Armed services duty.
    • Jury duty / court appearance.
    • Emergency services employee or volunteer duty.
    • Religious or cultural obligations.
    • Artistic commitments.
    • Exam clash with an exam at another institution.
    • Disability or ongoing medical conditions. If you are registered with Equity and Diversity for support due to an ongoing condition we recommended contacting your disability advisor before submitting a Special Consideration application

      Read about alternative arrangements for the above circumstances


  • You must provide documentation to substantiate the circumstance.
  • Documentation must also indicate date of the circumstance and/or date(s) of impact.
  • We recommend that you use the Medical Impact Statement. A medical certificate may not suffice and your application may be delayed if additional documentation needs to be provided.

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