Eligibility Criteria

Special consideration is intended to support students who have experienced or are experiencing:

  • unforeseen circumstances of a serious and acute nature
  • that are of short-term impact
  • and that will or have had impacted the completion of an assessment task

If granted you may be given an extension, removal of late penalty, an alternative assessment, a rescheduled assessment or deferred final assessment. More information can be found on Possible outcomes


You can request a short extension up to at least three days before the due date and the maximum extension possible is normally five days.

Where you need more than five days extension or when you cannot apply for a short extension within at least three days before the due date, please check to see if you are eligible to apply for special consideration.

Some circumstances are not handled via Special Consideration. To find out about other support services for assessments and exams please visit the problems with assessments and exams website.

Eligibility Criteria

You must be able to:

  • provide documentation to support your exceptional circumstances
  • submit your application any time before and up to five days after the due date of your assessment/examination.

We can hold your application for up to five business days and if supporting documentation is not provided within this timeframe, your application will be cancelled. Please indicate in your application when you expect to be able to supply your supporting documentation.

Use the Eligibility questionnaire to check if you are eligible for special consideration.