Eligibility Criteria

Special Consideration is intended to support students who have experienced or are experiencing unforeseen or exceptional circumstances that have impacted or will impact the completion of an assessment task. These circumstances must be of:

  • a serious and acute nature
  • short-term duration (eg up to three months)

Where Special Consideration is granted, you may be given an extension, removal of late penalty, an alternative assessment, a rescheduled assessment or deferred final assessment. More information can be found on Possible outcomes.

If you are a student with a Learning Access Plan (LAP) you may need to apply for Special Consideration if you are experiencing an exacerbation of the condition provided for in your LAP or an unrelated serious or acute condition. Please consult your AccessAbility Advisor if you are unsure about your eligibility.

All students may seek support from Student Advocacy, Health, Wellbeing and Inclusion, or by contacting your Student Advisor when considering making an application for Special Consideration.

Short extensions

If you need an extension of up to five business days, you should apply using the 'Request for Extension' form up to three business days before the due date of your assessment.

When you cannot apply for a short extension prior to the deadline, or you need more than a five-day extension, you should review the criteria on this page to see if you are eligible to apply for Special Consideration. More information can be found in the Assessment Procedure – Adjustments.

Some circumstances are not handled via Special Consideration. To find out about other supports for assessments and exams please visit the problems with assessments and exams website.

Applications for Special Consideration

You must be able to:

  • provide documentation to support your application
  • submit your application any time before, and up to five business days after, the due date of your assessment/examination.

Late Applications

Late applications can only be accepted where extraordinary circumstances impact you during the period in which applications are normally made. A late application must be accompanied by evidence, and is limited to circumstances such as:

  • medical incapacitation or hospitalisation
  • an emergency event, such as an accident
  • death of a close family member

Learning Access Plans

Students with a Learning Access Plan (LAP) can apply for Special Consideration where there is an exacerbation of your ongoing condition. A copy of the Learning Access Plan must be included with the application as well a personal declaration explaining how your current circumstances have impacted your ability to complete the assessment task.

Please note:

  • If you are applying based on circumstances outside of your LAP, you must provide additional supporting documentation.
  • Late applications may be considered where extraordinary circumstances impact your ability to apply within the timeframe.

Delayed Documentation

Where supporting documentation is not available when you submit your application, you should indicate in your application when you expect to be able to supply it.

Applications without accompanying documentation will normally be held for a period of up to five business days, unless you inform the Special Consideration team of the further delay by replying to the email requesting the documentation.

Where documentation is not provided in an agreed timeframe, your application will be cancelled.

Use the Eligibility questionnaire to check if you are eligible for Special Consideration.