Problems with assessments and exams

If you have a problem attending or completing an assessment task on time due to unavoidable circumstances, you may have options through our support programs. Check the table below to see which support options may apply to your situation.

Situation Support options available
Disability, or a long-term medical or mental health condition
Primary carer for someone with a disability or a long-term medical or mental health condition
Register for support with our AccessAbility Hub team. Our advisors can assist you with adjustments to assessment task or exams, and provide advice on managing your studies.

Unavoidable commitment or responsibility, known in advance e.g:

  • Armed services duty
  • Artistic commitments
  • Elite athlete commitments
  • Exam or assessment clash at other institution
  • Jury duty or court appearance
  • Emergency services employee or volunteer
  • Religious or cultural obligations

If your responsibilities clash with your exam or other assessment scheduled during the final assessment period, you may apply for an Alternative Assessment Schedule (AAS).

If your responsibilities clash with an assessment task due during the teaching period, submit a Request for an Extension no later than three (3) business days prior to the due date.

Elite athletes can apply for support through our Elite Athlete Program.

Unforeseen, adverse circumstances, with a short-term impact e.g.:

  • Severe illness or injury
  • Emotional disturbance
  • Bereavement
  • Misadventure

Depending on your circumstances, you can: