Possible outcomes and examination timetables

The Special Consideration team assess if your application is eligible for special consideration.

Ineligible for special consideration

Eligible for special consideration

  • applications that meet the eligibility criteria will be deemed eligible
  • applications are then forwarded to the Subject Coordinator for review
  • eligible applications could receive one of the following special consideration outcomes:

    a.  an extension

    b. removal of late penalty

    c. substitute or internal assessment task

    d. resubmission of the original assessment task

    e. reweighting of the assessment task

    f. a one-off arrangement (workplace-based subject)

    g. deferred examination (SPE grade)

    h. no outcome

View the Possible special consideration outcomes FAQ for more detailed information.

Special consideration applications for final exams

If a final exam is attempted and/or completed and the student applies for special consideration:

  • Successful applications will be awarded either SPE (centrally managed special exam) or SPA (internally managed special exam or substitute assessment task). The original attempted paper will not be marked and only the results from the special exam will count.
  • Unsuccessful applications will not receive special consideration and the attempted paper will be marked as normal.

If there are questions or concerns about the outcome you have received, it is recommended that you contact the subject coordinator in the first instance.