Mental health podcasts

This Mental Health Podcast series is a joint initiative between Health, Wellbeing and Inclusion and La Trobe students.

The podcasts have been created and recorded by La Trobe students and focus on topics that are common in the university experience.

Podcasts are an excellent way to learn more about mental health issues, as many discuss self-care and provide practical strategies for taking care of your wellbeing whilst at university.

It is important to note that some of the topics discussed may be sensitive in nature and some students may be affected by the content. If you are wanting some support for yourself, you can connect with Health, Wellbeing and Inclusion or drop into or call the Health & Wellbeing Centre on the Melbourne (Bundoora) Campus.


Balancing mental health & university studies

In this podcast, Brooke and Lyla discuss what a good balance between mental health and university studies looks like to each of them, as well as some signs that this balance might be struggling. They also share some practical tips that help them maintain this balance.

Listen to the balancing mental health and university studies podcast

Self-care during exams

In this podcast, Brooke and Lyla share some times when they haven’t practiced good self-care during exams and the impact that this had on them. They discuss their tried and true self-care methods and give loads of tips for preparing well in the lead-up to exams, staying calm during, and caring for yourself afterward.

Listen to the self-care during exams podcast

Burnout and toxic productivity

In this podcast, two Peer Learning Advisors, Emma and Mathew discuss the signs, causes, and management of burnout and toxic productivity. If this is something you struggle with, listen to this 30-minute podcast to learn more about how you might address burnout and toxic productivity. If you want to discuss this or any other concerns further, please reach out to the Peer Learning Advisors at your local campus or online (search for them in your LMS).

Listen to the burnout and toxic positivity podcast

Living with anxiety

Living with anxiety can be really difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Join Téa Triantafillou and Emma Morrison as they discuss how living with anxiety can influence both university and also general life. Together they then go on to discuss tips and tricks that have helped them with their experiences of anxiety, which may also be beneficial for other students.

Listen to the living with anxiety podcast


For anyone who has experienced not feeling "enough'". Joshua Melone and Lyla Waring open a dialogue about perfectionism and its consequences on their lives. Together, they identify what it is and means to them, its pervasiveness in academic settings, its effects on mental health, its social influences, and the role it plays in their sense of identity. Join these two students as they connect and navigate their experiences with perfectionism.

Listen to the perfectionism podcast

Imposter syndrome

For those who have experienced pervasive self-doubt or imposter syndrome, so have we! Joshua, Tadi, and Brooke openly discuss their personal experiences with imposter syndrome exploring topics such as: what imposter syndrome means to them, its impact on studying, social and cultural factors that influenced their experiences, as well as how they personally manage or coexist with imposter syndrome and the associated (difficult) feelings.

Listen to the imposter syndrome podcast