Be secure

How do I reset my password if I can't use the self-service password reset tool?

Consult the reset password page or contact Student IT Support for assistance.

What are the password complexity requirements and how can I make a strong password?

Visit the Password Guideline website for further information.

What services rely on my La Trobe account?

When you change or reset your password you are changing your password for all of the following systems:

  • Email
  • LMS
  • StudentOnLine
  • Library
  • Wireless
  • Allocate+
  • InPlace
  • PebblePad
  • MyLaTrobe App

Once you have successfully changed your password you will need to use your new password to access these systems.

What else can I do to stay safe online?

  • Never write down or distribute your password
  • Make sure to log out of any machine you have used, and never leave a workstation unattended
  • Make sure any computer you use has antivirus software installed and updated, and an active firewall. All La Trobe computers have this in place
  • Don’t click on links or pop ups unless you know what they are
  • Never download or install unknown software from a website

Never open attachments unless you are expecting the email, and always scan attachments for viruses. Even if an email has come from a known email account, viruses can be spread by spamming whole address lists.