Student financial support

Emergency aid

Student loans

  • Interest free loans, available to assist with the cost of study including books, equipment, computer software and hardware, university based research and course placement.
  • A guarantor is required for loan applications greater than $800. Up to $4000 may be borrowed with a guarantor (subject to application approval).
  • A due date and monthly repayment schedule will be set as part of the approval process and written into the loan contract.

Student grants

  • Financial support of up to $4000 (subject to approval) is available to students facing extreme financial hardship. The situation must be unusual, uncommon or abnormal.
  • A referee report (or reference letter) of support by an independent source or authority is required.

Who can apply?

You can apply for student financial support if you:

  • are enrolled at La Trobe University;
  • need the financial support to be able to keep studying;
  • can show that you can repay the student financial support (if required); and
  • do not have other obligations (e.g. student visa) that will not allow you to take the student financial support.

How do I apply?


To apply for emergency aid, a student loan, or a grant, complete the relevant application form:

and attach

  • proof of identity (student card, driver's licence, learner's permit);
  • proof of ongoing income (Centrelink documents, pay slips or scholarship documents);
  • evidence of the cost of the items you will be using the loan for;
  • your bank account details (hard copy) i.e. BSB and account numbers; and
  • your guarantor's details and proof of identity.

Lodge your completed application form and attached documentation via ASK a Question.


Applications will be considered in accordance with policy and procedures of La Trobe University.

Student financial support repayment

We will give you a due date and monthly repayment schedule as part of the student loan approval process. Repayments where required can be made using:

  • cheque
  • money order
  • BPay
  • credit card

For alternate options of viewing, reading or obtaining the above information, documents and forms, please contact the Student Financial Services Office.

More information

Visit ASK La Trobe or contact us.