Financial awareness

We’ve made a list of financial resources that we found useful. Whether you are just starting to learn about managing your finances or you’ve got them under control and want to learn some new things.

While we may not think about financial wellbeing as significant, it plays a large role in our overall wellbeing and can impact our mental wellbeing.

Being educated about finances and managing our own money can make a huge difference in our lives once we start earning money and/or living out of home. This can determine our sense of security and affect our ability to provide for ourselves. Being financially educated is vital to contributing positively to our overall wellbeing.

Having a budget and knowing exactly how much money is going in and out and what you are spending can make you feel in control and help you make smarter spending choices.

Budgeting apps and tools to help you begin:

Tax time can be confusing, especially for students who might have student loans, government payments and multiple jobs. Teach yourself how to lodge your tax return correctly and with little fuss.




La Trobe Financial Counselling – free and confidential financial counselling for students

La Trobe Financial Assistance - We offer a number of different financial support options you may be eligible for