Graduation Statement (AHEGS)

Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement (AHEGS)
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AHEGS?

The Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement (AHEGS) was introduced by the Federal Government to enable national and international recognition of Australian qualifications by describing qualifications in an easily understandable way. The AHEGS is also designed to provide potential employers and other institutions with an understanding of a student’s achievements. The AHEGS contains the following information:

  • Description of the course from which the student has graduated including admission requirements, credit points and structure, language of instruction and external accreditation for which graduates are eligible.
  • Results achieved in the course (not results from other courses at La Trobe).
  • Information on the Australian higher education sector.
  • The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) level of the student’s course.

The AHEGS is presented to graduates in addition to the Testamur and Academic Transcript. More information is available on the Department of Education and Training website.

What information does the AHEGS contain?

The AHEGS consists of the following five sections as required by the Commonwealth Government:

Section 1 – The graduate (given name, family name and student ID).

Section 2 – The award (award name, language of instruction, program duration, admission requirements and any external accreditation for which graduates are eligible).

Section 3 – Awarding Institution (description of la Trobe University).

Section 4 – Graduate’s academic achievements (course specific academic results).

Section 5 – Description of the Australian higher education system (as specified by DIISRTE and the AQF Advisory Board Secretariat).

When will I receive my AHEGS?

One complimentary copy of the AHEGS is mailed to all students who complete their course at La Trobe after 1 November 2012. Your course is completed when you have met all the learning outcomes and requirements of your course. The complimentary AHEGS is mailed to completing students with a complimentary copy of their Academic Transcript, generally within one month after course completion. Additional copies are available via the Student Administration Office at your local campus (see below). Only courses which were completed after 1 November 2012 are eligible for the La Trobe AHEGS.

How many AHEGS do I receive for free?

Completing students receive one complimentary AHEGS for each eligible course that they complete.

Can I get additional copies of my AHEGS?

If you are completing your course this year, you do not need to order a digital AHEGS as you will receive a complimentary once your completion is confirmed.

Yes. Additional copies of the AHEGS are available. Your AHEGS order will be processed within five working days. This does not guarantee it will be delivered in five working days.

Order additional AHEGS online

You can also order a digital copy of your academic transcript using My eQuals. All digital AHEGS orders will be sent within five University working days.

Order your digital AHEGS online

What results are shown on my AHEGS?

The AHEGS only contains results for subjects which were taken towards the course that you graduated in, including both subjects that were passed and subjects that were failed. The AHEGS will also list subjects for which you received advanced standing (credit) towards the course, but the results will not be listed for these subjects. If you took subjects towards another course and transferred to a new course, these subjects will not be listed on the AHEGS, whereas all your results will be listed on your Academic Transcript.

I finished my course before 1 November 2012, can I have an AHEGS?

No. The AHEGS is not available for any courses completed prior to 1 November 2012. The La Trobe University AHEGS is only available to students who completed their course after 1 November 2012 and the document will not be issued retrospectively. The University introduced the AHEGS in November 2012 and it is not possible to issue AHEGS for courses which were completed before this time.

I received an AHEGS for the course I have just completed. Can I also get an AHEGS for a course I did previously?

No. The AHEGS is only available for courses which were completed after 1 November 2012. As La Trobe implemented the AHEGS from 1 November 2012, only courses that are completed after this date are eligible for the AHEGS.

I did a double-degree. Do I receive two AHEGS?

Yes. Students who complete a double-degree program receive an AHEGS for each degree. Similarly, if you completed more than once course after November 2012, you will receive an AHEGS for each course that you completed.

What is the difference between the AHEGS and an Academic Transcript?

The Academic Transcript is an official record of your studies at La Trobe University and contains all course attempts, subjects undertaken and advanced standing/credit which was granted. The Academic Transcript reflects your enrolments at La Trobe at the time it is printed and it changes over time if you study additional courses or subjects. The Academic Transcript is an evolving document that contains a student's complete academic history and is available at any time. As a student progresses, the Academic Transcript is updated.

The AHEGS is a static document that outlines specific information relating to an individual course and is only provided upon the completion of that course. If you request an additional AHEGS it will be same as the original AHEGS which you received. Since the AHEGS is not intended to replicate a full enrolment record like the Academic Transcript, periods of leave of absence, subject withdrawals prior to census date and subjects which were studied towards another course are not shown on the AHEGS.

I am an offshore student. Do I receive an AHEGS?

Yes, all La Trobe students who complete their course after 1 November 2012 are eligible to receive an AHEGS. If you are complete a course such as the China Health Program this is eligible for an AHEGS.

What should I do if there is an error on my AHEGS?

The AHEGS is produced from the University’s student information system and every effort is made to ensure that the information on your AHEGS is correct. However, if you find that there is an error on the statement, such as a spelling error or missing information, please contact your local Student Administration Office.