School-level Student Advisory Groups

La Trobe University has identified student partners as a key enabler in achieving an outstanding student experience. Students offer valuable feedback, perspectives, and ideas that can improve teaching and learning, student support services, and program design.

To facilitate this feedback and implement important and lasting changes, comes the wonderful student advisors.

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About School-level Student Advisory Groups (SAGS)

La Trobe's commitment to student feedback

La Trobe University supports school-based Student Advisory Groups (SAGs) across our University. Through these, SAGs students can voice feedback, share ideas, and collaborate with staff to continually improve our learning experiences.

Student advisors play an important role in supporting student partnerships at La Trobe University. Student advisors work closely with staff to discuss the experiences and perspectives of students and help facilitate ongoing dialogue and reflection.

The benefits to becoming a student advisor include authentic real-world experiences, practice sharing feedback and suggesting new ideas, and learning about organisation governance and decision-making. These are all important skills that will help students prepare for future careers.

You said, We acted

In order to close the loop on student feedback, we report annual on the feedback that was voiced, as well as what changes occurred. Some examples of how student feedback was actioned, resulting in positive change, are listed below.

Examples of actioned student feedback




"It would be great if the university could offer some remedial classes or labs once we return to campus."The School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences will offer supplementary catch ups when on-campus resumes.


"Provide feedback to all sites to condense classes into 4-hour sessions rather than 2-hour sessions. All locations."The School of Nursing and Midwifery will follow up with all UG Subject Coordinators in planning 2021.


"Initiate directive to have Pulse Survey data input option in LMS from week 1."The Director of Learning and Teaching will provide an example of an LMS site and present at the next meeting, and to students, to discuss potential questions required in a Pulse Survey.


"We are concerned about the quality of assessment (especially with move to online) and clarity in rubrics."The School of Humanities and Social Sciences will continue to provide staff with opportunities to learn about different assessment options and encourage the development of assessment rubrics."


"We want more resources on the benefits of learning remotely."Videos and exemplars of remote learning have been gathered and placed on the professional experience website accessible by all students


"We are finding a large discrepancy with the effectiveness of breakout rooms in Zoom, often turning into a general chat or having one student who has done the work left tutoring the other students."

The School of Law have been instructed to have very clear instructions on the purpose of breakout room sessions. The School will continue to monitor this and encourages staff to shorten them to keep the conversation more purposeful.


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