International & New Zealand undergraduate students are able to buy a half-price annual public transport pass for the zone/s in which they study.

As a La Trobe international or New Zealand undergraduate student studying on the Melbourne or Bendigo campuses, you may be eligible to purchase either a zone 1 plus 2 pass or zone 2 pass only for use on Melbourne's public transport network, or a zone 13 pass for use in Bendigo.  This includes discounted travel on trains, buses and trams (if available) within your purchased zone and it lasts for 365 days from the day you first activate your Myki card.

You are eligible for either a Zone 1 plus 2, zone 2 only or zone 13 (Bendigo region) iUSEpass if you are an international or New Zealand student enrolled in and currently studying one of the following Australian qualifications on a full-time basis on campus at La Trobe University:

  • Diploma; Advanced diploma; Associate degree; or Bachelor degree (including Bachelor degree Honours)
  • Have a valid La Trobe Student Identification (ID) card
  • Are enrolled on campus

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Cost saving

An iUSEpass reduces the cost of a full fare annual pass by 50% (conditions apply). The iUSEpass allows you to save money and travel as much as you want throughout the day.

An iUSEpass can save you money even if you’re not in Melbourne all year. You only need to travel in Zone 1 + 2 for 98 days of the year to make your money back.

Upfront payment is required for the entire 12 months. The cost is half price of the usual yearly pass.

2020 prices are

  • $877.50 for zones 1 + 2
  • $585.00 for zone 2 only
  • $507.00 for zone 13 only (Bendigo)

Examples of cost savings

Zhang Li is an international undergraduate student from China. She travels to classes three days a week, works at a cafe two days a week and goes into the city with friends on weekends. She also goes back to China for three months every year.

If Zhang Li travels in Zone 1 + 2 six days a week, 40 weeks a year, topping up with Myki Money costs her $2060. While an iUSEpass costs her $877.50, she saves $1182.50.

For more information, please visit Public Transport Victoria (PTV) iUSEpass website.