Date: 2022 graduation - TBC
Location: TBC

Invitations for 2022 will be sent 5-8 weeks prior to the ceremony date. This email will include a link to the graduation registration portal.

To receive your invitation to graduate, please:
  • Ensure we have your correct contact details.
  • Regularly check your email for updates. Invitations for 2022 will be sent 5-8 weeks prior to the ceremony date.
  • Clear any overdue fees or debts with the University.
Your three graduation options:

1. Attend this ceremony
2. Defer to a later ceremony, or
3. Graduate in absentia (without attending a ceremony).

Note: After receiving your graduation invitation, if you do not choose one of the above options, you will automatically graduate in absentia. Graduating in absentia means you will not have the option to attend a future ceremony. You will need to request your testamur online after the date of your original ceremony.

COVID-Safe Graduations

Known case locations

Please ensure you are familiar with any known case locations and follow the public health orders relating to testing and leaving quarantine.

Physical distancing

Physical distancing of 1.5 m will apply and venue capacity restrictions apply.  We've reduced the number of people allowed in each space throughout the venue accordingly.


Mask wearing will apply as per the current Victorian Government's restrictions. Find information about wearing a face mask in Victoria.

Allocated seating

Seating for students and guests will be allocated and adequately distanced for the ceremony. Venue staff will be on hand to help manage this.

Contactless testamur presentation

The testamur (degree certificate) presentation will be contactless for your safety. It is tradition to doff your trencher (graduation cap) as a gesture of respect to the Presenter and the Chancellor and we will be asking graduates to do this as usual. There will not be handshaking as part of the presentation ceremony.

Sanitising stations

Hand sanitising stations will be available at various locations throughout the venue. Handwash facilities will also be available in all bathrooms.


Livestreaming will be available for all ceremonies. Please visit the Livestreaming page for more details on your ceremonies' Livestreaming. We encourage you to share the Livestreaming link with your supporters (including those at high-risk) who are unable to be with you in-person.


The venue will be deep cleaned before all ceremonies including bathrooms and high touch areas.

Before graduation and RSVP

Once you have received your Graduation Invitation email:

Please respond to your invitation and let us know your preference via the registration portal.

Your three options are:

1. Attend this ceremony
2. Defer to a later ceremony, or
3. Graduate in absentia (without attending a ceremony).

If you have decided to attend this ceremony:
  • Make a note of your ceremony date and time
  • Check your award title and formal name is listed correctly as this is what will appear on your testamur. If incorrect, you may update your personal details.
  • Complete the registration process via Reed’s website, ensuring that you:
    • Enter your name pronunciation
    • Pay your registration fee.
    • Reserve your guest tickets

You can learn more about the registration process via Reed Graduations’ FAQs [External].

Also, be sure to:
  • Clear any outstanding fees or debts with the university.
  • Check your student inbox regularly for graduation updates
  • Print out your registration ticket and your guests’ tickets to take with you to graduation

On the day of your Graduation

Dress code
  • Dress in business attire as if you’re attending a job interview. Cocktail dress is also suitable.
  • Arrive early ensuring enough time for parking, gowning and meeting up with your guests.
  • Around 300 public car parks are located adjacent to the venue and in-between the city offices. Many of these are all-day parking with some limited to three hours. Please check parking signage prior to leaving your car.
  • There is also plenty of street parking available in nearby Havelock St (behind The Cube Wodonga) and Lawrence St (to the right of the venue) including median parking bays. A parking map [PDF 118KB] is available and parking is free.
On arrival
  • Upon arrival, proceed to Gown Collection where the Reed team will help you dress in your regalia.
  • We recommend using the spare time before your ceremony to catch up with your guests.
  • Please remain outside the venue until you intend to enter the theatre.
Entering the venue
  • Both guests and students must have tickets ready to scan at the entrance.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser stations available to sanitise your hands prior to entry.
  • Due to the inability to maintain physical distancing within the venue, all graduates and guests will be required to wear face masks while seated in the theatre. Graduates may remove face masks once lined up ready to proceed onto the stage for testamur presentation and on-stage photography. On returning to your seat, graduates should replace face masks for the remainder of the ceremony.
  • Guests will be seated in a different section to students and will therefore enter the venue separately. You may wish to give you guests bulky items, including large bags, bouquets etc., to look after for the duration of the ceremony.
  • Ushers will help you find your named seat among the graduates' seating area. To make this easy, present the usher with your seat number given to you during gowning.
  • You will be called to line up before the stage. You may leave your carried items on or under your designated chair. When your name is announced, you will walk across the stage to accept your testamur (your degree certificate) where the Reed event photographer will take a photo of you with your testamur. You will have the option to purchase this photo after the ceremony.
After the ceremony
  • Once you have had the opportunity to enjoy the celebrations and have your photos taken, you can return your gown at the designated Gown Return room.
  • Make sure you:
    • Have professional photography taken
    • Purchase any memorabilia or merchandise
    • Have your testamur (degree certificate) framed
    • Take photos with your friends and family
    • Enjoy the occasion!

Food and beverage

Details TBC.

Special assistance

If you or any of your guests need special assistance at the graduation ceremony (e.g. wheelchair or limited mobility access, visually impaired or hearing impaired assistance), please let us know via ASK a Question.

Professional photography and merchandise

Professional photography and merchandise

Reed Graduations provides the following services on the day:

  • Studio photography
  • On-stage graduate photography
  • Graduation frames and plaques
  • Graduation rings
  • Flowers and graduation giftware, including teddy bears and other mementoes

Contact Reed Graduations [External]

Livestream broadcasting

Live streaming

Live web streaming of your ceremony will be available for friends and family unable to attend. The video will also be available online after your ceremony for re-watching later.


Please note we are working with the venue - The Cube, Wodonga - on plans to Livestream the graduation into the courtyard outside the venue. The venue have advised that the courtyard is under construction and this may disrupt guests viewing the livestreaming. We will update all registered graduates in the week before graduation so graduates and their guests can plan their travel to Wodonga accordingly.

Ordering guest tickets for graduation

For more information about ordering and receiving guest tickets, including the process for additional guest tickets, please view the ASK La Trobe FAQ below.


More information on graduation documents

Hard-copy testamur (degree certificate)

You will receive your hard copy testamur at the graduation ceremony. If you chose not to attend the ceremony by graduating in absentia, you can request to have it posted to your nominated address.

Remember, you can let us know your preference (attend this ceremony, graduate in absentia, or defer to a later ceremony) by following the instructions in your graduation invitation.

Digital graduation documents

Keep an eye on your personal email address – as per your details in StudentOnLine – for instructions on how to access your digital documents via the secure platform, My eQuals. Digital graduation documents include copies of your testamur (degree certificate), academic transcript and graduation statements (AHEGS).

Please note, to be eligible to receive your digital documents, ensure that all outstanding debts or fee sanctions are cleared with the university.

For all other enquiries:

Ask a question