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Credit points: 15

Subject outline

In this subject students combine the further development of language skills through a variety of activities, with the study of aspects of Spanish and Latin American cultural texts. Grammatical study is complemented by advanced practical oral work.

SchoolSchool of Humanities & Social Sciences

Credit points15

Subject Co-ordinatorIsabel Moutinho

Available to Study Abroad StudentsYes

Subject year levelYear Level 3 - UG

Exchange StudentsYes

Subject particulars

Subject rules

Prerequisites SPA2004, VCE Spanish or equivalent/co-ordinator's approval.


Incompatible subjects SPA2INA, SPA2BEA, SPA3BEA, SPA1IN5, SPA2IN5, SPA3IN5, SPA2005

Equivalent subjectsN/A

Special conditionsN/A

Learning resources


Resource TypeTitleResource RequirementAuthor and YearPublisher
ReadingsAula 4 Internacional,PrescribedCorpas, J., Garmendia, A. and Soriano, C.DIFUSION, BARCELONA

Graduate capabilities & intended learning outcomes

01. Ability to communicate and process information in day-to-day situations through the spoken and written word in Spanish. Ability to understand everyday speech even when not clearly structured, and public announcements or instructions.

Class discussions (in every practical class) and oral presentation (in class and final paired oral dialogue). Aural comprehension exercises.
Related graduate capabilities and elements:

02. Ability to negotiate day-to-day situations in terms of the social culture and appropriate language registers specific to Spanish-speaking countries.

Class discussion, reflecting upon the different cultural realities that you read about, hear about and discuss with colleagues in this subject exposure to another social culture in lifelike situations through various media, including film and literary texts.
Related graduate capabilities and elements:
Ethical & Cultural Awareness(Ethical & Cultural Awareness)

03. Ability to make notes on predictable matters. Ability to write about subjects of limited complexity in a letter, short essay or report. Ability to select a style appropriate to the reader in mind.

Your essay, exam and written exercises. Following a lecture, taking notes about it, reading a cultural text and learning to write a summary of it, or writing up information conveyed in a lecture or video session. Writing practice to use structure and style with economy.
Related graduate capabilities and elements:

04. Ability to analyse and synthesise ideas on a subject which you had previously not paid much attention to, to formulate an argument and your own thoughts about it.

Researching the essay topic for this subject and the topics proposed for oral presentation. Learning to find relevant, academic sources for these topics, and to evolve your original thoughts about them.
Related graduate capabilities and elements:
Critical Thinking(Critical Thinking)
Inquiry/ Research(Inquiry/ Research)

05. Ability to apply the linguistic and cultural knowledge you obtain in this subject to see meaningful connections with puzzling questions arising in an exam or in real life situations (for example, when travelling in Spanish-speaking countries or interacting with Spanish speakers in Melbourne).

Practice audio and written tests and practice exams to develop your ability to utilise your acquired knowledge in a different context, to adapt what you learned to answering the questions proposed in your class discussions, essay or exam, or outside experiences
Related graduate capabilities and elements:
Ethical & Cultural Awareness(Ethical & Cultural Awareness)
Creative Problem-solving(Creative Problem-solving)

06. Developing your awareness of the need regularly to access in-country information via internet and other media, to encourage up-to-date knowledge and awareness of "local" socio-cultural and political situations.

Involvement with extra-curricular activities such as attending Spanish or Latin American film festivals and reading the local and international press in Spanish. Interacting and making friends with Spanish speakers in Melbourne to strengthen your desire to continue learning Spanish after you graduate.
Related graduate capabilities and elements:
Life-Long Learning(Life-Long Learning)
Ethical & Cultural Awareness(Ethical & Cultural Awareness)

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Start date between: and    Key dates

Melbourne, 2015, Semester 1, Day


Online enrolmentYes

Maximum enrolment sizeN/A

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Subject Instance Co-ordinatorIsabel Moutinho

Class requirements

PracticalWeek: 10 - 22
Two 1.0 hours practical per week on weekdays during the day from week 10 to week 22 and delivered via blended.

SeminarWeek: 10 - 22
Two 1.0 hours seminar per week on weekdays during the day from week 10 to week 22 and delivered via blended.


Assessment elementComments%ILO*
one 1.5-hour end of semester written test (1,200-word equivalent)3001, 03, 05
one 15-minute oral exam (400-word equivalent)1001, 02, 05, 06
regular oral/aural exercises (800-word equivalent)2001, 02, 05, 06
written work (1,600-word equivalent)4001, 03, 04, 05