Didasko student FAQs

The courses currently delivered under the La Trobe – Didasko partnership will no longer be offered to new students from December 2022, while current students will be transitioned to La Trobe’s equivalent online course from July 2023.

If you're currently enrolled in one of these courses you will have been sent an email advising of this situation. If you are not able to complete your La Trobe – Didasko course, you will be automatically transferred to La Trobe’s equivalent online courses.

You will be transferred by July 2023 if you're a Business student and by February 2024 if you're an IT student. Our highest priority is the student experience while studying any La Trobe course and you will be supported through the transition process.

The frequently asked questions on this page will assist you if you're currently enrolled in a La Trobe - Didasko course. They provide information about the transfer process and continuing your studies with La Trobe.

Prospective Students

I have just received an offer to commence study at Didasko – what should I do?

Congratulations on your offer. You should continue with your enrolment and studies as anticipated with Didasko.

We will support you to transfer to the equivalent course when it is time to do so and subjects you successfully complete will be recognised as credit.

Do I enrol for the online courses for the remainder of 2022 via La Trobe or Didasko?

If you wish to undertake the current online La Trobe – Didasko IT or Business courses then you should apply directly through Didasko no later than November 2022. Note that the Business courses will cease being taught by July 2023, and the IT courses will cease being taught by February 2024 after which students will be automatically transitioned to the equivalent online La Trobe degree.

If you miss this enrolment cut-off date, refer to La Trobe’s equivalent online courses the Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Information Technology

If you wish to apply for the online La Trobe IT or Business courses for the Semester 1, 2023 intake, then you should apply through La Trobe's application process, or call 1300 135 045.

Do I enrol for the online courses in 2023 or beyond through La Trobe or Didasko?

You should contact La Trobe via our application page or call 1300 135 045.

Transition to La Trobe from Didasko

Why are the online La Trobe – Didasko courses no longer being taught from 2023/24?

Didasko and La Trobe have worked well together to deliver our courses since our partnership began in 2017.

Changes to federal funding arrangements and the University’s course portfolio have led to a decision to cease the arrangement with Didasko. La Trobe is now in a position to offer these courses online. This decision does not in any way reflect on the excellent role that Didasko has provided in our partnership.

What do I need to do to transfer to my new course?

You will be required to do very little to transfer to your new course. La Trobe will ensure you are transferred into the appropriate course and that all of your credits for successfully passed subjects is applied.

Will I be transferred to a different course? Which course will I be transferred to?

Yes, you will be transferred into a different course that is offered through La Trobe University. The La Trobe course you will be transferred into will be equivalent to your current Didasko course and will have the same learning outcomes and majors (if you are studying a course with a major).

You will be transferred to either the Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Information Technology.

What course will I be transferred to?

Current La Trobe – Didasko CourseEquivalent La Trobe online course
Bachelor of Applied BusinessBachelor of Business, with the choice of majoring in marketing or management depending on the subjects completed.
Bachelor of Applied Business (Management major)Bachelor of Business, majoring in management
Bachelor of Applied Business (Marketing major)Bachelor of Business, majoring in marketing
Bachelor of Applied Cloud TechnologyBachelor of Information Technology, majoring in cloud analytics.
Bachelor of Applied Information TechnologyBachelor of Information Technology, majoring in either software engineering or cloud analytics.

Can I transfer to a different La Trobe course?

If you would like to change your course before you start in the course indicated in the above table, you will need to apply by submitting a new application to La Trobe. As part of your application, you will need to apply for Advanced Standing. Please note that you won’t be notified of the credit you may receive until after you application has been processed.

If you would like to change your course after you start in the La Trobe course indicated in the above table, you will need to submit an internal Course Transfer application.

When will I be transferred to my new course?

In the event that you have not completed your course, you will be transferred by July 2023 if you're a Business student and by February 2024 if you're an IT student.

Can I stay with Didasko?

No. After the transfer dates, Didasko will no longer be teaching those courses.

Can I transfer to La Trobe earlier?

No. The transfer dates have been determined in consideration of a number of operational and administrative factors and an earlier transfer will not be possible.

What will happen with my study plan, will I receive credit for my Didasko subjects and will it take me longer to complete my degree?

Everyone that transfers will be supported with a new, individual study plan. This plan will show the credit you will receive and outlines the study periods in which you could complete the remaining subjects in your course.

Due to the difference in the Didasko and La Trobe teaching periods and availability of subjects, there may be some variation to the length of your studies. We anticipate that if you are successfully progressing through your course, any variation will be minimal.

Will I still be getting a La Trobe degree?

Yes. All students will graduate with a La Trobe degree.

If you complete your studies through Didasko before the transfer of students occurs, you will still be graduate with a La Trobe degree.

Why is my degree no longer considered as an ‘applied’ course?

The move away from ‘Applied’ courses is reflective of La Trobe’s broader strategy to be more flexible in our student offerings. You will still be able to align to your current Didasko specialisations by majoring in management, marketing or cloud technology. However, you can also elect to choose from a wider range of subjects, thereby exposing you to more majors or disciplines that would have been prohibited by the more restrictive Applied degrees.


As an enrolled student, what will happen with my enrolment?

If you complete your course prior to the date that the Didasko course is closed, you will graduate with your current degree.

If you have not completed your course by the transfer dates, then you will automatically be enrolled into the equivalent online La Trobe course.

You can be assured that the course you will be transferred into will be an equivalent degree with the same course learning outcomes.

La Trobe will also manage the process to ensure that you receive Advanced Standing (credit) for all of your successfully completed subjects - you will NOT need to apply or do anything. If you have successfully passed, for example 4 subjects, then you will be guaranteed credit for 4 subjects for your equivalent course.

Will the subjects in my new course be the same as my current course?

There may be differences to the subjects offered in your new course. This may include the subject name, or components of the content. However, we have ensured that you will be transferred to an equivalent course with the same learning outcomes.

Will Didasko continue to accept new enrolments throughout 2022?

Didasko will continue to accept new enrolments until 30 November 2022, after which they will no longer accept new enrolments.

Will I continue to be able to enrol in my subjects on a monthly basis? What is the structure of the Semester periods?

The online business and IT courses are offered in semesters 1 and 2 which generally commence in February and July respectively. Semesters are 12 weeks long. La Trobe does not offer monthly enrolments. (Note: the Bachelor of Information Technology also offers a Term 6 intake, however this is only available to new students, not transferring Didasko students).

The teaching period for Semester 2, 2023 commences 31 July and finishes 29 October. SWOTVAC and exams takes place from 30 October to 19 November.

Most subjects are likely to have exams. A full time study load will be 120 credit points per year for 3 years. This will generally mean 4 subjects per semester. Please refer to the Handbook.

Information on La Trobe's academic calendar, including relevant dates and teaching periods, can be found on our academic calendar page.

The course information pages for La Trobe's Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Information Technology for 2023 have course-specific information.

What happens if I fail or withdraw from a subject this year while I am still enrolled through Didasko?

If the subject you have failed or withdrawn from is a core subject, you will need to retake the equivalent core subject when you transfer to your new La Trobe course.

If the subject you have failed or withdrawn from is an elective subject, you will need to complete a new elective subject. Please note, if you are enrolled in a La Trobe University course you are subject to La Trobe’s Academic Progress policy.

Can I take a break from my studies?

If you have accepted an offer for Study Block 12, 2022 or Study Block 1, 2023 and want to delay your start until Study Block 2, 2023, please contact Didasko on 1300 720 648 and requesting to amend your enrolment.

If you have accepted an offer for Study Block 12, 2022 or Study Block 1, 2023 and want to defer for a longer period, or if you have accepted an offer in Study Block 2, 2023 and want to defer, you will need to apply to defer through La Trobe.

Please note: you will be offered a place in La Trobe’s equivalent online course if you defer. Please refer to the table under "What course will I be transferred to?" to check which course is replacing your current course.

What electives does La Trobe offer?

A range of elective subjects are available for study through La Trobe. Some electives will be recommended for your course, but you may also be able to choose from a range of University-wide electives or electives from other interest areas or disciplines. Note these electives may have their own prerequisites and other requirements.

Refer to our handbook pages for Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Information Technology for a comprehensive list of electives that are available.


Will there be a change in my student experience? What support will be offered?

You will continue to be a valued member of the La Trobe University student community and will have access to La Trobe’s extensive student support services and resources including:

General information about the help and support on offer can be found on our help and support page.

Study experience

Will the quality of teaching in my course remain the same?

You will continue to receive a high-quality learning experience, which will be supported by La Trobe’s extensive experience in offering high quality courses.

While subjects may appear different in style, La Trobe has strong expertise in online teaching, and your subjects will be taught by experts in the relevant fields.

If, upon transfer to La Trobe, I am unhappy with the course and/or quality of online delivery, what are my options?

All students are invited to provide feedback on the quality of their subjects at the end of each teaching period. You are encouraged to provide your feedback through these surveys.

How can I raise concerns?

We appreciate that you may be unsettled by this change so we will be communicating with you through email to keep you up to date regarding the process. In addition, we will be offering information sessions closer to your transfer dates where you can ask any further questions. We will email you the details of relevant information sessions closer to the time.

If you have any further questions or concerns about the transfer process, or about the student experience at La Trobe, feel free to contact ASK La Trobe.

Study mode

Can I continue to study online?

Yes, the equivalent course that you will be transferred into will be a 100% online course.

Can I change to study on-campus, or have a mix of on-campus and online?

You will be transferred to an equivalent 100% online course.

If you would like to transfer to a partially or wholly on-campus course, you will need to apply for a Course Transfer and our staff can assist you once your transfer to La Trobe’s online course is complete.

Will I continue to engage with my subjects via the Didasko online platform?

No, when you transfer to La Trobe you will use our online platform and will no longer have access to Didasko portals. As part of the transfer process, we will ensure that all your relevant records, for example assessments, exams and marks, are retained and held by La Trobe.

Will La Trobe’s online learning experience and platform be different to Didasko’s?

The online Learning Management System (LMS) that La Trobe uses is different from Didasko’s, however the interface is intuitive to use, with dedicated support available should you experience any issues or have any questions.

The student experience in online subjects will enable you to interact with other students and achieve your learning goals. Subjects have been developed to be both innovative and supportive for students and have been designed around 43 international online learning standards.

Each subject includes recorded lectures/tutorials and are designed to allow you to be self-directed with your learning. Depending on the subject, there may be pre-recorded material that includes short lectures, case examples, vignettes or explanations of content.

You will be guided through the subject content with regular short quizzes and knowledge checks. Our academic staff will support you with opportunities to participate in online discussion forums and real-time consultation with the lecturer. There will be a series of assessment tasks that need to be completed by due dates, but apart from this, you can study when and where suits your commitments and preferences.

Are there any compulsory workplace components?



Will there be any difference in the fees that I have to pay when I transfer to La Trobe?

No, there will be no change to your course fees when you transfer across under this arrangement. In addition, our Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) that is normally required, will be waived for all Didasko students transferring to La Trobe under this arrangement.

It is likely that once at La Trobe your fees will increase each academic year as per policy and government set indicators.


What if I am scheduled to complete and graduate with Didasko prior to transfer to La Trobe?

Congratulations on completing your degree. You will not need to do anything and you will graduate with a La Trobe - Didasko degree.

What La Trobe subjects will I need to complete in order to graduate?

Your detailed study plan will provide clear advice on the subjects you will be required to undertake to graduate.

Can I receive Testamurs for the Diploma and/or Associate Degree nested exit pathways?

A single Testamur will  be provided for the course that you officially graduate with. You will receive your testamur at a graduation ceremony, either in person or ‘in absentia’. Please refer to the Testamurs page for more information.

We will not be issuing multiple Testamurs for the different potential exit points for a single degree. This policy applies irrespective of the course you were originally enrolled in, or whether you completed your course at Didasko or were transferred to La Trobe.

I want to leave my course early, can I exit with a Diploma or Associate Degree?

You may be eligible for an “alternative exit”, which refers to exiting your course to an award at a different level.

To apply, complete the online Alternative exit form. If your application is successful we will send you information about conferring with your new award.

The alternative exit awards for the La Trobe – Didasko courses are:

Bachelor of Information Technology

Bachelor of Business

Associate Degree of Information TechnologyDiploma in Business
Diploma of Information Technology