Building a respectful community

Respect at La Trobe is our shared responsibility to make our community a place where:

  • all are respected
  • difference is celebrated
  • everyone can achieve to their full potential

There are many ways you can contribute to a respectful community

  • Respect diversity of opinions and value everyone's contribution.
  • Treat others with courtesy and respect at all times.
  • Listen respectfully to others and do not talk over or interrupt them.
  • Avoid making quick judgements about people or stereotyping.
  • Challenge sexist, racist or homophobic comments or jokes in your peer groups and by calling out the behaviour without attacking the person.
  • Take the time and make the effort to communicate with and deepen your understanding of people from different cultural and religious backgrounds.
  • Support and respect those of different gender identities or sexualities.
  • Reflect on your own everyday language, attitudes and behaviours to ensure you are not causing hurt to others.
  • Think about the words, comments or images you are posting or sharing on social media to ensure you are not causing harm or offence.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

As a student of La Trobe, you have a right to live and study in a safe environment. But you also have a responsibility to treat others with respect and refrain from harming or causing offence to others with your words, actions or deeds.

Find out more by viewing our Charter of Student Rights and Responsibilities, which was developed with students.

Safer Community

If at any stage in your university journey, you experience or witness any unacceptable or concerning behaviours, contact Safer Community for support and advice.

Connect with Safer Community