Echo360 is the lecture capture and online delivery system used by La Trobe and can be found within the 'Echo360 Block' in some LMS subject pages.

The use of Echo360 is at the discretion of individual Subject Coordinators. It is not guarnteed that this is used in all subjects. If you have any questions regarding the use of Echo360 in your lectures please contact your Subject Coordinator for further assistance.

Known Issues

Repeated login prompt

If you are prompted to sign into Echo360 you can do so using your student email address (e.g If you're prompted to login repeatedly, navigate to Echo360 directly using a new browser tab or window and sign in. Once signed in, go back to the LMS and refresh the page and you should no longer be prompted to sign in.

The below issues have now been resolved in the latest version of Echo360 however you may encounter these issues if you have links to any of the content created with previous versions of Echo360.

  • If you are using Internet Explorer, you will get a pop-up dialog box directly after clicking the link for your subject recordings in Echo360. Make sure you click 'No' (or 'Show all content' for Internet Explorer 9 or later).  If you click 'Yes', navigation to the EchoCenter will be cancelled. You will only encounter this issue when attempting to access recordings using Internet Explorer.
  • If you attempt to view a live stream but the page prompts you that Flash Player is not installed, please check the browser configuration for your browser in the section above.