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*Note: ATAR information is published as a guide based on the most recent Semester 1 intake. Minimum selection rank can change from year to year. Meeting minimum ATAR requirements doesn’t guarantee your admission. Your success may depend on your academic record, experience and other factors compared with other applicants.

Worried about your ATAR?

If you’re worried about your ATAR, don’t forget all of La Trobe’s courses have alternative access schemes and pathways including Aspire. To find out more about other pathways into La Trobe, contact our Future Students Centre.

Why choosing La Trobe is a clever move

At La Trobe you’ll gain experience that sets you up for life. La Trobe’s supportive atmosphere combines with practical skills, industry connections and personalised teaching to help you reach your career goals. But don’t just take it from us.

Frequently asked questions

What are adjustment factors?

Adjustment factors (previously bonus points) are added to your aggregate score which in turn, re-ranks your ATAR. Please note the amount of adjustment factors granted may be limited for the course you’re applying for.

My ATAR is below the published ATAR for my course.

Published ATARs are based on the intake from the previous year. This means they may be subject to change and should be used as a guide only. We encourage you to still apply for your first preference but to also remember your pathway options.

I’m missing prerequisites for my course.

To be eligible for entry, you must meet the subject prerequisites for the course you’re applying for. If you don’t meet these prerequisites, please contact us to discuss your pathway options.

Will I get an offer in a later round?

You’ll be considered for an offer in later VTAC rounds for all preferences higher than the course you received an offer for in round one. As long as these preferences are higher than your round one offer, you’ll be considered for them in future rounds, regardless of whether you accept, defer or decline your first round offer.

What’s a VTAC supplementary offer?

VTAC runs a supplementary offer process after round two for applicants who haven't had any offers. By indicating on your VTAC account that you’d like to be considered for supplementary offers, you’ll be considered for the courses you meet entry requirements for at the institutions you nominate.