Letter to Centrelink

If you are applying to Centrelink you do not require this letter to submit your application.

To prove your Equivalent Full-Time Student Load (EFTSL) you can use a copy of your statement of account or print off an unofficial academic transcript, both of which can be generated in StudentOnLine.

This letter is only required if you are:

  • claiming a JET Child Care Fee Assistance (JETCCFA)  payments
  • instructed by Centrelink to obtain this letter
  • reducing your study load due to course requirements or academic reasons (further details can be viewed on the Department of Human Services webpage)

Your letter will contain the information as required by Centrelink.

Full details can be found at the Department of Human Services webpage.

Apply for letter to Centrelink

Exchange Students Note: You must be enrolled in your Exchange subject in order for the letter to be produced. Please check StudentOnLine to confirm that you are correctly enrolled prior to submitting a request for a letter to Centrelink.