How to apply

This application information and form is for all students applying to undertake an Industry Placement as part of subjects LTU3IND or LTU5IND or the Industry Placement Minor.

Your application will need to be approved by the Subject Coordinator and WBL agreement has been completed before you can commence your placement. If you do not have your placement approved and all paperwork signed before census date you may need to withdraw your enrolment from the standalone elective subjects LTU3IND or LTU5IND.

Compliance Requirements

Your potential workplace may require you to have certain checks, documentation, or certificates. For example, you may need to apply for one (or more) of the following:

  • Police Check
  • Working With Children Check
  • First Aid/CPR certification
  • Immunisations

Application Process

Application steps

Step 1 - Seek advice from your course coordinator.

We would encourage you to seek advice from your course coordinator about which subject within your course is the most suitable to complete an industry placement

Step 2 -  Information to seek  before applying online

  • You must check that you have space for an elective in your degree
  • Discuss the industry placement project, planned dates, and compliance needs with the proposed organisation.
  • Ask your proposed organisation to complete the student sourced Position Description
  • Please ensure that the start and end dates for your industry placement falls within the chosen semester dates.
  • Discuss with your potential host any compliance requirements you may  need prior to the commencement of your placement for example wwc, police check etc

Step  3 - Apply online

If applying with a self-sourced placement, you will need to:
  1. Speak with the organisation that you have identified
  2. Discuss the placement project, planned dates and compliance needs with the organisation. Make sure you discuss whether your placement can be done remotely (i.e. working from home) in the instance Victoria returns to stricter lockdown conditions.
  3. Ask your organisation to complete the self-sourced Position Description and attach this to the online application form (below).
  4. Wait for us to approve your application and advise you of the next steps.
  5. Apply here
If applying for a university-advertised placement, you will need to:
  1. Read the placement position description as advertised.
  2. Prepare a cover letter for your chosen placement – addressed to the organisational contact.
  3. Use the online application form (below) to formally apply, uploading your curriculum vitae and cover letter.
  4. Apply here
  5. Wait for us to review your application and advise you of the next steps.
  • The Industry Placements team will review your application and advise you of the next steps

Step 4 - Application review

  • Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an acknowledgment email from the Industry Placements team who will then review your Position Description and complete Due Diligence with your proposed host organisation
  • Within a week you will be advised if your application has been approved by the Subject Coordinator via the Industry Placements email

Step 5 - Finalising your placement paperwork

  • Once your PD has been approved the Industry placement team will send you an approval email which will also include a Student Placement Deed, which you must sign and return to Industry Placements
  • Ensure you have provided all your compliance documents to your host prior to your commencement date of placement.
  • A Work Based Learning (WBL) Agreement will be sent to your host organisation to complete and sign.( PLEASE NOTE: you cannot commence placement until an agreement has been signed off by your supervisor and subject coordinator and you have received a final confirmation email with placement start date.)
  • Both you and your host organisation will receive a copy of the finalised WBL Agreement for your records


Important:You cannot start placement until any required checks are completed and a WBL agreement has been completed and you have received a final confirmation email with a start date to commence placement. Allow 2-4 weeks for checks to be completed.

Please submit any enquiries via the Work Based Learning Placements Student Enquiry form.  This will ensure that your question is answered quickly and by the right person.