Elective placements

Why do an Industry Placement?

Undertaking an Industry Placement is an excellent way to put theory into practice and develop professional skills in a working environment. Completing an industry placement as part of your degree will assist you to develop professional networks that enable you to more easily gain employment upon graduation.

You will explore what it means to be a member of a professional team in a workplace, reflect upon your experiences and career aspirations and develop transferrable skills that will improve your employability.

  • Apply and develop knowledge and skills in the industry
  • Expand communication skills
  • Connect with professionals in your field
  • Identify potential career options
  • Possible future employment

The Industry Placement Minor

The Industry Placement Minor comprises 4 subjects which you can use to complete between 1 and 4 placements (totaling 400 hours). The Industry Placement Minor allows you to apply your knowledge and skills in a professional work setting and gain valuable work experience and industry connections.

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Industry Placement subjects (LTU3IND and LTU5IND)

These student-sourced industry placement elective subjects are designed to offer you the opportunity to develop your employability skills in a professional setting.

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Current Industry Placement opportunities

Check out the list of current La Trobe sourced opportunities that you can apply for! These amazing opportunities are exclusive to students who want to complete one of the Industry Placement elective subjects.

Tell us about your ideal Industry Placement

If you are interested in completing an Industry Placement as part of your degree, please complete the Expression of Interest Form. Tell us about your dream industry placement so that La Trobe can support you to achieve your career goals.

How to apply

If you are looking at enrolling in one of the Industry Placement subjects, please ensure you follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1 - Seek advice from your Course Coordinator

We encourage you to seek advice from your Course Coordinator about which subject within your course is the most suitable to complete an industry placement.

Step 2 -  Information to seek  before applying online

  • Check that you have space for an elective in your degree for the chosen Industry Placement subject you wish to enrol in.
  • Discuss the industry placement project, planned dates, and compliance needs with the proposed organisation.
  • Ask your proposed organisation to complete the student sourced Position Description.
  • Please ensure that your industry placement's start and end dates fall within the chosen semester and or term dates.
  • Discuss with your potential host any compliance requirements you may need prior to the commencement of your placement, for example working with children (wwc), police check etc.

Step  3 -  Apply online

  • Once you have selected which Industry Placements subject is the most suitable subject to enrol in and apply for you can then submit your application (LTU2PP1, LTU2PP2, LTU3PP3, LTU3PP4, LTU3IND and/or LTU5IND).
  • LTU3IND and/or LTU5IND Student Sourced applications - Submit your application through APPLY HERE and attach the completed Position Description.
  • Industry Placement Minor applications, follow the application steps on the Industry Placement Minor page
  • University Sourced - Prepare a cover letter for your chosen university placement you are applying for, addressed to the organisational contact.
  • Submit your application through APPLY HERE ensure you add in what university-sourced opportunity you are applying for and attach your cover letter and Curriculum Vitae.
  • The Industry Placements team will review your application and advise you of the next steps.

Step 4 -  Application review

  • Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an acknowledgment email from the Industry Placements team who will then review your Position Description and complete due diligence with your proposed host organisation.
  • Within a week you will be advised if your application has been approved by the Subject Coordinator via the Industry Placements email.

Step 5 -  Finalising your placement paperwork

  • Once your PD has been approved the Industry placement team will send you an approval email which will also include a Student Placement Deed, which you must sign and return to Industry Placements industryplacements@latrobe.edu.au.
  • Ensure you have provided all your compliance documents to your host prior to your commencement date of placement.
  • A Work Based Learning (WBL) Agreement will be sent to your host organisation to complete and sign.( PLEASE NOTE: you cannot commence placement until an agreement has been signed off by your supervisor and subject coordinator and you have received a final confirmation email with placement start date.)
  • Both you and your host organisation will receive a copy of the finalised WBL Agreement for your records.

Additional information

  • Please ensure you follow the application steps above before submitting your application
  • Allow 2-4 weeks for the required checks to be completed
  • You cannot start your placement until any required checks are completed, a WBL agreement has been completed and you have received a final confirmation email including your placement start date.

Industry Placement Information Sessions

Our Industry Placement Information Sessions are designed to give you an overview of the elective Work Based Learning subjects at La Trobe, including their relationship to your course and how they compare to other subjects. We strongly recommend attending an information session if you are interested in completing a for-credit industry placement at any point during your degree. Be sure to register early to be provided with the online meeting URL.

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La Trobe University Industry Placements Q&A Session

- Semester 2 2023

Tuesday 27th June

5:00pm – 6.00pm

Information Sessions for Summer 2023/2024 will be held during September/October. Details to be confirmed.

Information Session content

  • Your WBL subject options (LTU3IND, LTU5IND, or other discipline-based WBL subjects)
  • The Industry Placement Minor
  • Advantages of elective Work Based Learning subjects
  • How an industry placement will benefit you
  • Subject timelines, processes, requirements, and placement options
  • Opportunities to get to know the academic team and have your questions answered
  • Hear from other students who have completed an Industry Placement elective subject

Watch an online recording

If you were not able to attend one of our Information Session, you can watch a recorded session here:

La Trobe University Industry Placements Information Session (University Wide event) - Semester 2 2023Passcode: 3Jdir.!i
La Trobe University Regional Connect Industry Placements Information Session (Regional focus) - Semester 2 2023Passcode: zgq6#$Eq

La Trobe University Industry Placements Q&A Session - Semester 2 2023


Contact us

For further information about the industry placement subjects, the application process and placement opportunities, please email: industryplacements@latrobe.edu.au

For general enquiries about La Trobe WBL placements, please submit via the Work Based Learning Placements Student Enquiry form