Industry Placement subjects

Industry Placement subjects - LTU3IND and LTU5IND

Undertaking an Industry Placement is an excellent way to put theory into practice and develop professional skills in a working environment.

Completing an industry placement as part of your degree will assist you to develop professional networks that enable you to more easily gain employment upon graduation.  You will explore what it means to be a member of a professional team in a workplace, reflect upon your experiences and career aspirations and develop transferrable skills that will improve your employability.

The industry placement experience is designed by you, to meet your interests, with the support of La Trobe academic staff.

Available to Undergraduate students in their second and third year and Postgraduate students across all La Trobe University campuses, LTU3IND and LTU5IND respectively offer a range of domestic placement opportunities. Both are 15-credit point elective subjects designed to help you develop your employability skills within a professional setting.

Subject Specifics

As a student in LTU3IND or LTU5IND, you will:

  • complete 100 hours of approved work placement
  • contribute to the workplace in a meaningful way as a supervised professional; this may include working on solving an organisational problem, developing a new activity, analysing data to improve a work practice, and more.

LTU3IND and LTU5IND require you to self-source your placement, which must be approved by your Subject Coordinator before census date or you will need to withdraw your enrolment. Undergraduate students must also have completed 120 credit points prior to undertaking LTU3IND.

Key information below for  - LTU3IND and LTU5IND

LTU3IND and LTU5IND La Trobe University Handook

For information regarding each subject's learning objectives, requirements and study options, please refer to the La Trobe University Handbook:


To enroll in LTU3IND /LTU5IND  you can  self enroll by logging onto StudentOnLine

You must check that you have space for a 15cp elective in your degree (confirm with ASK La Trobe if needed).

How do I self enroll? For information on how to enroll via StudentOnLine, follow the steps in our Steps to enrolment/re-enrolment in StudentOnLine FAQ.

Application process

The application process for LTU3IND & LTU5IND is outlined in How to apply

Please note: you cannot commence your placement until your placement has been approved and the required documents have been signed off, once confirmed you will receive a final confirmation email with your placement commencement date

If you have any queries or need further information or support, please contact:

2023 Key dates

Subject Offered: All Campuses

Teaching  PeriodSemester DatesPlacement Application Deadline
Semester 1, 202327 February  2023 - 26 May 2023Wednesday 8th  March 2023
Semester  2, 202331 July 2023 - 27 October 2023Wednesday 9th August 2023
Term 6, 20236 November 2023 -15 December 2023Wednesday 25th October 2023

Am i eligible ?

Unit codeYear levelMin credit points completedOther requirements
LTU3IND2nd or 3rd Year120Have a spare 15-credit point elective in your study plan
LTU5INDYear Level 5 Masters Have a spare 15-credit point elective in your study plan

Other requirements include:

  • placement activities must constitute a genuine work integrated learning opportunity
  • you must have a dedicated workplace supervisor
  • the placement must be approved by La Trobe University before commencement

Practera Industry Placements

La Trobe is offering students the opportunity to complete an industry placement through the Practera Program. Enrolling in  the  the 15-credit point LTU3IND elective subject, students complete a 6-week program offered by Practera.