Postgraduate Study Plan Guides

The postgraduate Study Plan Guides currently show postgraduate courses with a 2023 start date.

If you started your course in an earlier year, or are enrolled in a postgraduate course which does not have a Study Plan Guide, please consult the Handbook for the year you started your course to find information on your course structure.

Available Study Plan Guides are listed by School. If you are not sure what School your course is in, please check the Handbook.

Information to help you use the postgraduate Study Plan Guides

Study Plan Guides are currently available for some of the postgraduate courses with a 2023 start date.

If you started your course in an earlier year or your course does not appear, please consult the Handbook for information on your course structure. Additional Study Plan Guides for 2023 postgraduate courses will continue to be added to this page so you may which to check here again.

Some postgraduate courses will require a selection of specialisation which can impact subject availability. This means core subjects which may be showing in particular years of your plan might need to be taken in a different availability to accommodate your specialisation subjects within your study load for each teaching period. If you require assistance with planning your enrolment, please contact a Student Advisor.

There are several reasons why the Study Plan Guides tool may refer you to the Handbook, such as:

  • No subject Instances for this subject at your campus (note, some courses may require certain subjects to be completed at a campus other than your home campus)
  • The subject is not available until a future year (e.g. 2024)
  • The subject availability is still to be confirmed (contact ASK La Trobe)

Boxes in the Study Plan Guides are sized to reflect the credit points of the subject (or the largest subject in the choice list).

Subjects are listed in the order they appear in the Handbook. Some subjects have multiple instances or may not be available in the current year.

Please consider pre-requisites and study load when planning your enrolment in StudentOnLine.

Visit our Enrolment support page where you can book a New to La Trobe Workshop with a Student Advisor.