Student Advising

The Student Advising team provides you with individualised support for your studies. Student Advisors guide your transition into tertiary education, support you to achieve your academic goals and help you to get the most out of your university experience.

Get started at La Trobe

We support you to transition to uni life during your first year of study.

Make the most of your course

We support you to define your goals and create a plan so you can achieve them.

Succeed throughout your time at La Trobe

We support you to achieve your version of success during your studies.

How Student Advising can help you

Our Student Advisors support you with tailored advice around a range of topics including

Your Course

Student Advisors can provide undergraduate students with course specific advice.

Your Campus

Student Advisors can help you to make the most of opportunities at your campus.

Your Accommodation

Student Advisors can provide specialist support to students living at La Trobe.

Your International Student Experience

Student Advisors can assist onshore international students with your enquiries.

Your Postgraduate Studies

Student Advisors provide support to postgraduate students at all campuses

Your Scholarship

Student Advisors can provide specialised support for scholarship recipients.

How to get help from Student Advising

Get in touch with us online

Get in touch with us online

Submit a question online and your Student Advisor will get back to you.

Contact your advisor

Seeking an appointment?

Seeking an appointment?

Contact ASK La Trobe to assist you, if your question can't be answered you may be referred to a Student Advisor.

Connect to ASK La Trobe via Charlie

On campus drop-in

On campus drop-in

A roster of Student Advisors are available for face-to-face support, where ASK La Trobe has assessed that you require specialist support.

View the drop-in roster

Meet some of our Student Advisors

Catherine Kimm

Catherine is a Student Advisor for the Bachelor and Diploma of Business and has worked at La Trobe for 5 years. Catherine is passionate about working with students to find their way at university and to maximise what their degree has to offer. “University life is very different from secondary education and moves so quickly. Giving students the right advice at the right time is paramount to setting them up for success.”

Ben Woodhams

Ben is a Student Advisor for the Diploma of Health and the Bachelor of Health Sciences and is an experienced Student Advisor having worked in a range of teams at La Trobe. Ben enjoys working with new students to help them settle in and make good choices in their studies. “It’s great being able to connect students to the right resources at the right time. It can make all the difference”. When Ben’s not advising he is cooking his way through Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child. “Developing skills doesn’t finish at the end of your degree.”

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