Refunds and Remission of debt


If you withdraw from a subject before the subject census date you may apply to have any fees you have paid refunded to you.

How do I apply for a refund?

Domestic students, complete the online Domestic Fee refund application form.

International students, complete the International Fee refund application form and submit via ASK La Trobe.

Your application will be processed within 15 working days. This does not guarantee your refund will appear in 15 working days.

Please note: If your bank details are not up-to-date in StudentOnLine it will delay the processing of your application.

Remission of debt

How do I apply for a remission of debt?

If you are a domestic Commonwealth Supported HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP student or an International student, you may be eligible to apply for a remission of debt because of special circumstances if you:

  • withdrew after the subject census date
  • were unable to finish or withdraw from a course

Check your eligibility to apply for a remission of debt

If you are eligible to apply, you'll receive an outcome within 28 working days after you submit your application and all required supporting documentation. Please note that missing supporting documentation will delay the application process.

For alternate options for viewing, reading or obtaining the information, documents and forms on this page, please see our forms list or ASK a question online and our staff will assist you.

Supporting your refund or remission of debt application

What are special circumstances?

Special circumstances are medical, personal, family, employment or course related issues. You will need supporting documents to prove your circumstances.

Special circumstances are not:

  • lack of knowledge of HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP or university procedures and rules
  • being unable to repay a HELP debt.

Supporting documentation

Examples of supporting documentation include:

  • La Trobe Medical Impact Statement
    • a medical certificate will not suffice and your application will be delayed if additional documentation needs to be provided
  • Copy of death certificate
  • Carer’s certificate
  • Hospital admission/discharge summary
  • Letter from psychologist or counsellor
  • Letter from employer or notice of unexpected cessation of employment
  • Police or incident report
  • Statutory declaration
  • Supporting letter from Subject Coordinator(s)

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