Census dates

Each subject of study offered at the University will have a census date. The census date is the last date you can withdraw from a subject without being financially liable i.e. having to pay for the subject.

For example, for Semester 1, 2019, the census date is Sunday, 31 March 2019. This is the last day on which a student may withdraw from a subject without financial penalty. Any subject in which a student is enrolled on Monday, 1 April 2019 will be included in their fee assessment.

The Last Withdraw without Fail Date is the last date you can withdraw from a subject without receiving a KN Grade 'Fail'.  You will still have to pay for this subject.

Census dates for standard teaching periods

Study PeriodStart dateCensus dateLast Withdrawal without Fail dateEnd date
Summer 105/11/201808/12/201812/01/201915/02/2019
Summer 207/01/201919/01/201902/02/201915/02/2019
Summer 304/02/201907/02/201911/02/201915/02/2019
Semester 104/03/201931/03/201901/05/201931/05/2019
All Year04/03/201921/05/201907/08/201925/10/2019
Winter Semester01/07/201904/07/201908/07/201912/07/2019
Semester 229/07/201931/08/201925/09/201925/10/2019
Summer 104/11/201907/12/201911/01/202014/02/2020

Online study periods

Open Universities Australia (OUA): If you're studying a La Trobe course though OUA, please refer to the teaching periods and census dates on the OUA website.

Study PeriodStart DateCensusLast Withdrawal without FailEnd Date
Online Study Period 107/01/201922/01/201908/02/201924/02/2019
Online Study Period 204/03/201919/03/201905/04/201921/04/2019
Online Study Period 329/04/201914/05/201931/05/201916/06/2019
Online Study Period 408/07/201923/07/201909/08/201925/08/2019
Online Study Period 502/09/201917/09/201904/10/201920/10/2019
Online Study Period 628/10/201912/11/201929/11/201915/12/2019
Online Study 1/404/03/201926/03/201919/04/201912/05/2019
Online Study 2/427/05/201918/06/201912/07/201904/08/2019
Online Study 3/419/08/201910/09/201904/10/201927/10/2019
Online Study 4/411/11/201913/12/201914/01/202016/02/2020
Study Block 107/01/201903/02/201903/03/201931/03/2019
Study Block 204/02/201903/03/201931/03/201928/04/2019
Study Block 304/03/201931/03/201928/04/201926/05/2019
Study Block 401/04/201928/04/201926/05/201923/06/2019
Study Block 506/05/201902/06/201930/06/201928/07/2019
Study Block 603/06/201930/06/201928/07/201925/08/2019
Study Block 701/07/201928/07/201925/08/201922/09/2019
Study Block 805/08/201901/09/201929/09/201927/10/2019
Study Block 902/09/201929/09/201927/10/201924/11/2019
Study Block 1007/10/201903/11/201901/12/201929/12/2019
Study Block 1104/11/201901/12/201929/12/201926/01/2020
Study Block 1202/12/201929/12/201926/01/202023/02/2020

Sydney campus study periods

Study PeriodStart DateCensusLast Withdrawal without FailEnd Date
Study Period 104/03/201902/04/201901/05/201931/05/2019
Study Period 229/07/201926/08/201921/09/201918/10/2019
Study Period 311/11/201910/12/201908/01/202007/02/2020

Teaching sessions

Study PeriodStart DateCensusLast Withdrawal without FailEnd Date
Teaching Session 107/01/201920/01/201903/02/201917/02/2019
Teaching Session 225/02/201910/03/201924/03/201907/04/2019
Teaching Session 315/04/201928/04/201912/05/201926/05/2019
Teaching Session 403/06/201916/06/201930/06/201914/07/2019
Teaching Session 522/07/201904/08/201918/08/201901/09/2019
Teaching Session 609/09/201922/09/201906/10/201920/10/2019
Teaching Session 728/10/201910/11/201924/11/201908/12/2019
Teaching Session 807/01/201905/02/201908/03/201907/04/2019
Teaching Session 925/02/201926/03/201926/04/201926/05/2019
Teaching Session 1015/04/201914/05/201914/06/201914/07/2019
Teaching Session 1103/06/201902/07/201902/08/201901/09/2019
Teaching Session 1222/07/201920/08/201920/09/201920/10/2019
Teaching Session 1309/09/201908/10/201908/11/201908/12/2019
Teaching Session 1428/10/201903/12/201910/01/202016/02/2020


Amy is enrolled in a Semester 1 subject in 2019, which has a census date of 31 March. If Amy withdraws from the subject on or before 31 March 2019, she will not have to pay for the subject.

If Amy withdraws from the subject on or before 1 May 2019, she will still have to pay for the subject but won't be given an academic penalty. If Amy withdraws from the subject after 1 May, she will receive a KN Grade (Fail) for the subject and also have to pay for the subject.

Non-standard teaching periods census date and last withdrawal without fail date calculator

Non standard teaching periods have their own census date and last withdrawal without fail dates.  The table below shows some examples of the non-standard teaching periods:

Teaching periodAcademic yearStart dateCensusLast withdrawal without failEnd date
Week 08-21201918/02/201922/03/201923/04/201926/05/2019
Week 22-35201927/05/201928/06/201930/07/201901/09/2019
Week 35-47201926/08/201924/09/201925/10/201924/11/2019

Teaching Period Calculator

Type in the Teaching Period to calculate dates (e.g. Week 02-07)

Research Teaching Periods

Study Load for students enrolled in the research component of a PhD, professional doctorate or Master's by research degree is calculated daily using a time-based mode.  Graduate research candidates consume load daily, and it keeps adding up through the period they are enrolled in the research component of their degree. Thus research subjects have a moving census date, rather than a fixed census date. The census date for a research subject will always fall within the 24-hour period prior to the date of completion or withdrawal.

For government reporting purposes the University divides the year into two Research Teaching Periods as indicated in the table below. Research study load in each Research Teaching Period is calculated based on their actual days of enrolment.

Graduate research candidates enrolled in coursework subjects will need to observe the census dates which apply to these subjects.

Research 11 January - 30 June
Research 21 July - 31 December

PSB Academy Teaching Periods (Singapore)

If you're studying a La Trobe Course through PSB Academy, Singapore, the table below shows the teaching periods:

Study PeriodStart DateCensusLast Withdrawal without FailEnd Date
Term L107/01/201920/01/201903/02/201917/02/2019
Term L211/03/201922/03/201902/04/201914/04/2019
Term L306/05/201917/05/201928/05/201909/06/2019
Term L401/07/201912/07/201923/07/201904/08/2019
Term L502/09/201913/09/201924/09/201906/10/2019
Term L628/10/201908/11/201919/11/201901/12/2019