Industry Placement Minor

Apply the knowledge and skills from your course in a professional work setting, gain valuable work experience, and build your professional network. Designed with flexibility in mind, choose from completing one major placement in a single semester, or undertaking multiple placements over two or more semesters.

The Industry Placement Minor is a University-wide elective placement Minor being offered at La Trobe University to support career and life-capable graduates.  It is designed to be an online self-directed flexible learning subject with a focus on learning through placement experience.  Please note that placement subjects have assessments and seminars.

As indicated in the diagram adjacent, you may enroll in the Industry Placement Minor in a range of ways. This placement minor is complex so once you have completed your Industry Placement Minor Plan, please don’t hesitate to ask questions from the Subject Coordinator or Industry Placements team.

The Industry Placement Minor is recommended if you:

  • want to explore different career options or complete more than one placement of 100 hours.
  • want to focus more time on gaining industry experience, up to 400 hours of placement, and up to 4 different organisations.
  • do not have access to enough placement subjects for your discipline to undertake the placement you have sourced.

The Industry Placement Minor comprises:

  • 4 subjects - LTU2PP1, LTU2PP2, LTU3PP3 and LTU3PP4, a total of 60 credit points each has 100 hours of placement as a hurdle requirement.
  • a minimum of 400 hours (approx.50 days) of placement if you wish to qualify for the Industry Placement Minor on your transcript. You may also undertake 2 or 3 of the Industry Placement Minor subjects if you secure a placement opportunity of more than 100 hours.
  • the Industry Placement Minor is offered through La Trobe Academic Terms calendar, each 6 weeks long. It is strongly recommended that subjects are taken in sequence from LTU2PP1 to LTU3PP4. Check the handbook for subject offerings.

The Industry Placement Minor requires you to source your placement(s) including those that may be advertised by the University. The placement must be approved by the Subject Coordinator before the commencement of the Term, or you will be required to withdraw from the subject.

The Industry Placement team has tools and resources to help you identify suitable organisations and guide you through the process. Occasionally we offer university sourced placement opportunities that are made available to you throughout the year.

Industry Placement Minor - La Trobe University Handbook

Please review the following to find out more about the Minor and its associated subjects:

Subjects offered all campuses online.

Am I eligible?

You may be eligible to enrol if you meet these requirements:

    • have space in your study plan for a minor or 60 credit points of elective subjects (4 subjects).
    • have completed 120 credit points of your degree, i.e. equivalent to 1st year of your degree.

    If you hold a Student Visa, the placement hours associated to this minor may contribute to your maximum allowed work hours per fortnight.

    Other requirements include:

    • placement activities must constitute a genuine work-integrated learning opportunity.
    • you must have a dedicated workplace supervisor who provides one-to-one supervision on a regular basis.
    • there may also be requirements by placement organisations such as a Working With Children Check or Police Check.

How to apply for the Industry Placement Minor

Complete the Industry Placement Minor Plan and submit s via the Work Based Learning Placements Student

Once a plan has been discussed with the Subject Coordinator of the Industry Placement Minor:

  • self enrol in the industry placement minor subjects  (StudentOnline, Variation of Enrolment form) after confirming that you have 60cp available in your study plan.
  • discuss the placement project, planned dates, and compliance needs with the organization.
  • ask your organization to complete the self-sourced Position Description and attach this to the online.
  • apply through this link provided - APPLY HERE.

Please note: you will receive a final confirmation email with your placement commencement date when your placement has been approved by the University.

Working from home / Remote Placements

If you are enrolled in the Minor, you also have the opportunity to undertake a remote industry placement through Practera. This is a 100-hour virtual placement available in LTU2PP1 only. You can only complete one virtual placement in your Industry Placement Minor. Practera is an organisation that partners with La Trobe to deliver highly engaging, group-based, remote industry placements.

For more information and how to apply  - Practera Industry Placements (

Industry Placement Minor Key dates

Teaching periodSemester datesPlacement application deadline
Term 1, 20239 January 2023 -17 February 2023Wednesday 14th December 2023
Term 2, 202327 February 2023 -6 April 2023Wednesday 15th  February  2023
Term 3, 202324  April 2023 - 2 June 2023Wednesday 12th  April 2023
Term 4, 202331 July 2023 - 8 September 2023Wednesday 12th July 2023
Term 5, 202318 September  2023 - 7 October 2023Wednesday 6th  September  2023
Term 6, 20236 November 2023- 5 December 2023Wednesday 25th October 2023

Contact us

For further information about the industry placement subjects, the application process and placement opportunities, please email:

For general enquiries about La Trobe WBL placements, please submit via the Work Based Learning Placements Student Enquiry form